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Radium at Highway


Healthier and proper roads, give us a safe and happy journey to our destination. Everyone is fond of travelling, but it’s out own responsibility to make sure that we have proper roads for sage journey. LEADer Om Vinayak Patil from Sankeshwar initiated a unique idea of applying radium at highway roads for security awareness and road safety. Inspired by the orientation held at his college, he joined LEAD two years back. He had participated in 2018-19 YUVA SUMMIT.

Realising the problem for the accidents on Nippani-Sankeshwar highway, he implemented a small and effective solution. Along with his peers, he applied radium’s that direct the route which will help the driver’s especially during night and make their journey safe.

He implemented this step for around 5 km of highway near Soundi Ghat, Nippani. Overcoming the hurdles of time consuming in pursuing the permission from the municipal and dealing with the traffic problem, he made this project a successful one.

People were heart touched by his initiative and he was appreciated by them. This fanatic initiative has reduced the number of accidents in this zone. It will be of great importance if the project will be taken up in a large spread. With all the facilities and rules provided for us, it’s each and every human’s duty to follow for our own safety.

The project will help the traveller’s not only to have a safe but also an excited journey with such beautiful radium colours. The LEADers were appreciated for this amazing work and this project was awarded as the BEST PROJECT award during the LEAD Valedictory 2019, Belagavi. Great job LEADers.


Written by: Priyanka Kammar

Mail ID: priyankaykammar18@gmail.com

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