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Proud alumnus – Srujan Mara


You have to dream hard, wish big and chase after your goals because no one else is going to do it for you!”

Welcome back readers! Today we reveal another face of our proud alumnus. A LEADer who found himself through LEAD and his passion that he awaited. Well, read it yourself.


Srujan Mara is one of the young prodigy aged 21 and has achieved ahead of his contemporaries. Srujan currently works in UBER as an Operations associate at Hyderabad. He was raised in a family where education was of uttermost importance and all the other things in life stood second. He quotes “But I was different. I wanted to do something different rather than focusing only on academics.” And hence starts the chapter of LEAD in his scholastic life!

The deviation occurred when LEAD first came to his college Vijay Rural Engineering College, Nizamabad. The boy got a chance to spread the wings of his dreams to do something different. Srujan got more favored towards the social media platform provided by LEAD where his inclination towards mass media and technology inflated. He says, “Social media was that one dynamic tool which was reaching every LEADer through its work and I wanted to form my online Identity.”

After he got into the program he has been part of a lot of projects; to quote a few – “primary education census in the rural area, cloth donation and IWD – recognize the unrecognized.” The latter event was very inspiring to me, as one woman who we presented a certificate of appreciation to, a cleaner at a bus stop who had been working for 15 years there, cried tears of joy as no one had ever gave her attention for her work before.

His dreams took a turn when he met, Mr. Rajan Patel through LEAD. Due to which Srujan gained a whole new level of insight to the entrepreneurial world and design thinking. This led to his progress in social media entrepreneurship attempts. Currently Srujan works with a biggest and booming startup in India and someday dreams to have his own. He owes his success to his supporting parents and calls LEAD his family that took his dreams to reality.

This dream maker has his inspiration constantly flowing and quotes that “self initiation is the biggest leap you could take towards success” .Further he adds the role of LEAD in his life and how it played an important role in giving him the right exposure towards a domain like entrepreneurship and made him industry ready. He wittily added that LEAD always knows the right thing to be done with students like him and should continue it.

This dynamic LEADer has a watchword for the fellow LEADer to “Be Bold, Say yes to every Challenges, Take Many Initiatives, Love Volunteering, and Create Network, Love your work, and Trust yourself.”

Well readers. Inspiration is like those rays of sun which would beam in even through the thickest canopies of confusion. If you trust in yourself and do your thing, you will find a path that would make people ask ‘how you did it?’ rather than ‘why you did it?’ That is when you will find your right place “among the stars – the sky”.

Written by : Parinita. R.A
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