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Proud alumnus – Shivprasad Sannakki


“If opportunity doesn’t knock build a door, because you are only your limit.”Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation. Life gives you enough time to prepare, its helps you prepare for your dreams, it depends on us how we utilize and manage this time bomb to reach a level that only others can dream.
Shivaprasad Sannakki is a 25 year old Cost engineer at Quest Global. He graduated from KLS Gogte Institute of Technology, Belgavi. His journey in lead started back in 2011, where he stated “because I wanted to develop and promote myself, I wanted to open a firm of my own and Lead seemed the right platform to start-up. I knew I had a lot to growth but was lacking the support to push myself and my ideas forward.”
He joined lead to get his ideas and goals incubated. His first step to progress began with his first project “Daan Utsav- the joy of giving” where he space the deep clustered sphere of lives in agony. There he found his way to help and outreach the needy and also to connect and communicate with people. After which he was a part of revolutionizing institutes and projects like – Mahesh foundations for HIV infected kids, later he went to organize sessions on women empowerment , child marriage etc. He also collaborated with Aman Jain author of the naked highway for an awareness session. He was one of the active students to set up LEAD CELL GIT, a social and innovation club in his college.
He is now focused on his entrepreneurial career and owns a courier based (web and app based) startup and is advancing in his ideas. He owes his specific success to his mentors in lead and the institutes his studied in. Every budding entrepreneur has their success mantra, Shivaprasad has his keen interest in how ideas and business could make difference in all spheres of life and help sustenance. His motto is to keep achieving as he says “Success is previous achievement before you stop working for it, and I am never going to stop.” According to him learning and earning never stops so make most of it.
From being a mediocre to mystic is all life, and you should distances to achieve it for not now, then when? Remember you can trade you hours for rupees but ideas for millions. Today, I shared a story of one such leader trying his share, are you?

Written by : Parinita.R.A
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