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Proud alumnus – Naveen Kumar HP


“The world is your oyster, nothing is done and nothing is known. The greatest poem isn’t written, the best railroad isn’t built yet and the perfect state hasn’t been thought of. Everything remains to be done, everything!

Naveen Kumar HP is a leader with an exceptional story. They say, hardships are lives way to prepare ordinary people for extraordinary destiny, because it is in the darkest of the sky that you see stars. Naveen Kumar is a mechanical engineer from Boomreddy College, Hubli. He is currently preparing for UPSC in pursuit of his dreams. Descending from a rural background though he was a bright child, Naveen struggled with the stammering problem, for which his determinant dad trained him well and also is his superhero. He places Mahatma Gandhi and his dad at a very respectful position and mentions them as the reason for constant motivation and inspiration for live. His life in lead interestingly starts with his curiosity in “Social Entrepreneurship”.
This determined problem solver started out in Lead with the project of Rain water harvesting and Ground water recharge system by taking technical assistance and financial support from Sikandar Meeranayak, who is CEO and founder of SRDS (Sankalpa Rural Development Society) and with the help of program manager Geeta Hegde’s mentorship. He conducted bore-well recharge project at Hallikeri village near Annigeri, Dharwad. This project helped provide water for 12 acres of land and increased the crop yield slowly. Naveen unlike other kids has vivid choice of inspiration, Rajnath singh- the water man of India being one of them. “To build this system, my team worked on field with labours, day and night using a lot of resources such as Man power, Earth mover, tractors etc. We were able to raise funds worth Rs.27, 525 from various sources and invested Rs.26, 782 of it into the project”, Says Naveen. He went on to organize an awareness program involving 30 farmers belonging to Hallikeri and other surrounding villages about conservation of Ground water. The project then succeeded so much that the local farmers approached them to do this project. He then surveyed and documented about Ground water level in more than 30 villages in the respective fields and submitted the results obtained to SRDS about the Ground water level in regions in and around Hubli, Dharwad. All this effort and hard work led to the publishing of his story in a well known and renowned newspaper Udayavani. He also received the Best leader award in international youth conference “Yuva summit-2014”.
He further states that he has had highly cheerful and energetically memorable experiences over three years of active involvement in LEAD. He served as a Master Leader, Ambassador and a Lead intern. He recalls, “I cherish all those precious moments spent with people from different walks of life all under the same roof teaching and learning from one another. Through these roles I mentored more than 40 enthusiastic students and also LEAD YOUNG STARS. I got the Best Ambassador Award-2015 in recognition to my efforts.”

Further, He successfully organized a 10 days residence camp for BE students about Leadership in their summer holidays as a student coordinator. In the camp 80 students participated from different regions of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Coimbatore and Pune. The participants, surprisingly, were really motivated and impressed by him. To prove the same, as a gesture, during the last day of Camp he was titled the “Best Caring Faculty” as they considered him a generous and caring coordinator. Naveen adds, “For me this meant a lot more than materialistic joys such as money name and fame.”

“Lead has been an important part of my life and it has by and large enriched my Leadership quality to an extent where I thought I would never be. Beyond Lead I focused on Networking and I motivated myself to do well in the same.” Owing to his work experience in the Foundation he was able to participate in the National level event ECOKART-2015 organized by Gautama Buddha University in association with SAE-INDIA (Society of Automotive Engineering) as a Marketing and Publicity Head. “I and my team represented our college at GBU, Greater Noida and bagged the award of “Fastest ECO-KART-2015” breaking all previous known records of the competition. Building up on this success I am currently working on a new project wherein we are building Student Formula Car under SUPRA SAE-INDIA.”
Broadening his gratefulness he added that, “The achievements I mentioned, the awards I received are no doubt the best boosting forces that have accelerated my success and structured my growth. But the most important reward that I have gained in my walk with Lead, friends, is the personality that I developed, the qualities and skills I learnt, the ethics I imbibed, the innovator I have become, what and what not, the list goes on. I was able to evolve as a person who can work for society, by being in the society and in conclusion grow with the society. I’m now on the verge of becoming a complete human being with the strength to strengthen humanity.”
The attitude of growth comes along with the effort you make to inculcate it, success is like a tree, you need to foster it with optimism, will power, and keep it under the constant ray of motivation and endurance. You will surely grow and flourish like the wise old tree, beneficial to all associated with it. You will be seen as the change maker and inspiration for others to grow.
You’ve read along now, you know what to do. Now, don’t forget to plant that significant sapling of will in you first!

Written by : Parinita.R.A
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