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Proud alumnus – Abhishek Bendigiri


The pathway for success is blazed by incomparable souls to leave a trail for the others to follow. There’s a voice inside all of us asking you to find your worth, but it is seldom that individuals make an effort to listen in and rather they subside it, and very rare are those who make it happen. Here is an account on a LEADer who outshone his hidden light.
LEADer Abhishek Bendigiri is a young filmmaker in his early 20’s. He is an E&C graduate from SGBIT, Belgaum. He worked for MNC’s like Huawei as a software engineer. Abhishek is currently pursuing his MBA in the field of lean operations and systems from Christ University, Bangalore. It is truly said that you cannot hide the light, if hidden it will find its way to radiate.
Abhishek Bendigiri was an active LEADer and a Prayani, from the year 2008.He has done a lot of projects under the concept of social and innovation. His voyage as an individual started with LEAD where he found ways to discover himself and the society around. In time he, brought into being a man driven by passion, as he quotes “A techie by profession but a filmmaker by passion and choice.”His really journey as a filmmaker started in his early college days, as he mentions “Asking my friends to fight and filming it used to give me a lot of pleasure in my early days. I have always had the habit of doing something different.” In the year 2010, he formed a startup called United India Films (UIF).UIF mainly believes in making of short films focusing on the social issues and evoking the public for their call of action. Undoubtedly his efforts into the distinguished arena of film making have been answered with dazzling accolades.UIF, was shortlisted among the top 30 finalists in Cinefest, Los Angeles for his short film B-Tweets. Successive to which they were awarded as winners in the category of best narrative short film at Barcelona, Spain. To add more feathers to his victory his film Vande Hejje won the best film category award in New Delhi and Rockville, USA in 2013, overall gaining him a national and international recognition for his passionate graft. He believes he found a way to give wings to his aspirations through lead.
Apart from his illustrious personality and efflux fervor towards his ambitions, as boy he wrote a letter to former president Dr APJ Abdul Kalam in 2008, remarking the current status and his ideas towards the country and its development, depicting his outgrown nature for possibilities since he was a boy. Sure a supporter of Vision 2020! The letter sure got a reply from the intended which did boost his morale and confidence, guessing it did play a role in the making of ‘him’.
His journey as a LEADer has been a fruitful one as it’s seen today. He mentions his gratitude towards his mentors and his compassionate associates for all buoy up and counsel they gave during his time as a LEADer. He also recalls the sense of being a team he gained with his fellow Leaders. He expresses his thankfulness to LEAD for the exposure he received during his first Prayana where he met great public figures like Shri Virendra Hegde, Infosys head- Mr. Narayan Murthy and Narayan Reddy which gave him an extra benefit as a budding LEADer. Adding to his inspirations, he mentioned his Boss at Huawei being his corporate mentor, from whom he owes a great deal.
There is always something pre decided that keeps you wavered from your dreams if you don’t decide to step out of your ‘rut’. Abhishek mentions his aspirations of his goals to be his constant inspiration and to which he owes his success as well. He cites his obligations to LEAD for being the paddle for his boat. Abhishek gist’s out his journey by asking individuals to wear your ardor as your armor.
He brings up the impact of his LEAdership journey where he learnt to take up responsibilities, saw various ways of lives and learnt the true meaning of being social when he actually went and spoke to people during his projects. The first thing he declared during his interview is that, he always has time for LEAD and would like to involve himself still more into LEAD even if it has to be as an alumni. He credits LEAD for directing him to keep his life balanced during his college days. Summarizing his major lesson as, keep walking and keep inspiring.
Further, he encourages students to join LEAD to get the start they deserve and expresses how proud he is to be a part of LEAD. He remarks the organization to keep achieving its heights and support the students to find their worth and be well. Further he quotes the chase “Complaints starts with They, solutions start with I” he reveals his messages to the upcoming LEADer’s that life is not always just, you can get frayed, you can incur losses, you can get thrown, the situation might show true faces, despite all, the true winner lies in the belief you carry and how you stand by your side, is the real ‘making of you’!

Written by: Parinita. R. A
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