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How did Nithya’s belief change from, will I to I will!


“We are the modern generation of the world, with endless innovation and discovery where each and every person is in search of opportunities. Once he gets the opportunity, he struggles to prove himself with his limit-less preparation as we have endless competitors, where every little effort leads us to win or lose. Make a choice “Will I or I Will,” says LEAD Alumni Nithya, from Kakatiya Sandbox, Nizamabad, Telangana.

Before, I was a student who would think hundred of times to speak up and sometimes end up with nothing. I never used to make any clear decisions for myself and that kept me dragging down. Because of my shyness, I never used to make much social appearance. Even during school days, I wouldn’t participate in any kind of extracurricular activities nor any seminar. I was a silent girl who had no interest in any thing. Basically, my life was on the race track with slow motion. All I needed was to transform myself to catch up on the speed.

So, I made a choice to join LEAD. I joined LEAD program in 2017, on my friend’s advice in our Nishitha Degree College, Nizamabad. I wanted to find out the new way to work on and was in need of opportunity.


My Initiatives.

I have performed over 20 initiatives, two of which were awarded. One among the awarded projects is, ‘College to Village camp’ where college students visit villages, list out the problems and try to solve the problems which can be done by the LEADers. It really had a greater impact on the society and the students reached out more than 1200 people. This made me understand that there are still people who are unable to afford the basic facilities. Our aim was to improve the conditions of villagers and to bring awareness in girl education and basic sanitation. Bringing students to join the project and conveying the main idea of the project.

The villagers of Amruthapoor (Nizamabad, Telangana) were too cool and most of the people coordinated with us, but few people refused to answer our questions. After they were convinced they too made our task easier. My experience was to great, I have learned many things from the project like how to handle people and how to convince them. Through this project, I have won the BEST PROJECT AWARD. When my project was showcased in Yuva summit 2019, everyone was eager to know what the project is about and appreciated the teamwork and the achievement. I really felt proud of myself and my team.

My other initiative was ‘Career guidance’ which turned out to be a great success. It was done under the guidance of Nirmaan team. It reached out to around 900 students in different localities of Nizamabad and Kamareddy. Through this, I have received the ‘BEST IMPACTFUL PROJECT’ award.


LEAD Prayana.

It’s a package of learning along with frolic activities. I really enjoyed the journey of 14 days by connecting with new people and building networks. The 14 days were precise and very challenging. It is the best journey to learn and become a better person than earlier. Each day came up with great experience and encouragement to do the level best. Every day my energy level was elevating. I started my life journey in the year 1999, but I believe that my true journey was started in the year 2017. This journey got me new friends, new relations as brothers, sisters, purely a family.

Here, I struggled, faced problems, but still I achieved something more than expected. “This was my best part where I met strangers which turned to teammates, teammates to friends, and friends to the family.”

LEAD has benefited me in one or another direction. It helped me to gain the skills of communication, team building, leadership, and many more. At first, I used to be last every time but now I’m the one who stands first in any work. It transformed me from saying ‘Will I’ to ‘I Will’. It developed my interpersonal skills and brought out the hidden talent of mine. Gave opportunities to utilize my hidden talent. Through LEAD I got internship opportunities to work with the team. It also recognized me by issuing awards and changed me from ‘Student’ to ‘LEAD Ambassador’. I’m glad to be a part of LEAD and I thank everyone who thought me and supported every moment.

I learned that never give up your passion to do what is best for you. Once we start then never stop, even if you fall, get up and start over. The main changes which I saw in me were “Being constant and adaptable to every situation.” The learning which I got from lead was that: happiness is one of the sides there is another side called bad emotions, sadness too which are part of life we can’t skip it.

I even have completed my internship in LEAD as,

  • Social Media Intern at LEAD, Deshpande Foundation, Nizamabad |Jan-Mar 2019.

  • Blogger and Content Writer at Kakatiya Sandbox, Deshpande Foundation, Nizamabad | Jun-Dec 2018.


I have enjoyed my internship as well as I have learned a lot. My experience was so great. Sometimes it was very hard, but I never quit from the internship. I got every single learning from its roots to branches. Even the superiors supported me in every aspect where I felt low sometimes. Those days were a wonderful part of my life.


My message to all LEADers.

I suggest not to give up on this journey and you will get many fruitful results at the end. I was not strong earlier, but today I came to the position of being independent. I got opportunities to work as an intern with LEAD and also with local companies. I have also secured a job in two MNC’s recently, and it’s only because of the skills I gained from LEAD that made me add more points to my resume.

It’s really an inspirational journey of Miss. Nithya, Alumni of LEAD. We wish you all the best for your future and career.

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