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Protecting Deer by LEADer Mahalinga KS

LEADer Mahalinga KS from Veershaiva College Bellary realized that in his region, there was a critical situation of deer being killed.First, he and his team collected data through qualitative measures such as asking neighbouring people, exploring the areas where deer are found, and speaking with forest officials. They also collected any quantitative measures they could find, such as population numbers. It was a challenge collecting the first-hand data, as this involved going to the forested areas when the deers live in the hot summer months.

They then took all this data and compiled it, and gave it to the forest office, local government, and local police so they would better understand the situation of deers being killed. They also wanted to make sure that not only the authorities knew, but the people knew about the issues as well. They went around to villagers to distribute information and pamphlets, attempting to change the village mindset about deer killing.

The team got a good response from the villagers and authorities when they shared the information. They feel positive that their project has had a positive impact in changing how the villagers think about the deers, thus reducing the amount of deer killed in the region.

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