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Project Meera


PROJECT MEERA the name itself express the purpose of the project. Yes! It works for girls. Currently 2.5 billion people live without access to basic sanitation, and approximately 1 billion practice open defecation. This society don’t suppose us to question about the restrictions and rules they framed. The superstition that surround menstruation are effecting millions of girls every day.The change doesn’t happen until and unless someone come forward. It’s our responsibility to bring a change in the minds of the people and the change will always start from the students.


For making the girls get aware of the problems they are surrounded with, Our  LEADers from Nizamabad started an initiative called ‘Project MEERA’. LEADers Kavya, Tejasree, Shrenika, Srujana, Alekhya from Gauthami Degree College, Nizamabad has taken this issue as their responsibility.They visit the government school in local areas and make sure that each and every girl look after their health and safety. As of this project, they are teaching girls on how to follow good sanitation and proper hygiene ways. They also thought the importance of women’s health, girls education. The main thing they are facing is Harrassment and there is no proper maturity in the school students. To make them aware about the ‘Good touch and Bad touch’ and also protect themselves, our LEADers also reached them with self defense.


Then, the girls who skip the school on the frequent basis due to the lack of awareness regarding sanitation and menstrual hygiene are regular now. It’s not the campaign, it is one which runs throughout the year. The project was done in the 7 government schools and 1 village of Nizamabad and finally they have reached the students rounding to 3200.  Now every girl is ready to shout that ‘She is a girl’.

Written by: Nithyasri Chiluka

Email ID: nithyasrichiluka1999@gmail.com

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