LEAD Prayana

Prayana taught me important and unique aspects of life!


I am Yash Karwa, Engineer graduate from Gogte Institute of Technology famously known as GIT in Belgaum. Once during my free hours one of my friend informed me about LEAD orientation that would be held by an NGO, that one hour moved me. 15 days of the journey throughout the state, LEAD Prayana interested me the most amongst various activities. The selection procedure had an interview in it which was scary and a first time experience for me but I was determinant enough to get selected in the interview by hook or crook. After few days the call of my selection was one of the happy moments as it was the first interview of my life. The excitement continued in double folds as my selection and confirmation was done for the journey. I was eagerly waiting for the journey and once it started it was difficult for me to cope up as I was a shy and an introvert person which restricted me to mingle and meet new fellow participants. Gradually the activities in the bus helped to erase the boundaries of my comfort zone and the list of my friends increased with the new energy and knowledge in me. Apart from all the Prayanees another important part was exposure visits and guest speaker sessions, but more than the guest speakers all the 120 Prayanees were my real role models. I learnt unique things from every Prayanee present in Prayana 2014. Once the Prayana was complete, I saw myself more responsible and dedicated towards the work I was doing. The transformation in me was hungry for another prayana, so I decided to join Prayana 2016 as a part of the Co-organizing team. The route was the same as the Prayana 2014 with minor changes in the route but the difference was my role in it. In Prayana 2014 I followed the rules but in 2016 the students had to follow the rules and regulations by me. Handling more than 120 students was a challenging one. As a part of the organizing team there were new learnings from the organising perspective in Prayana 2016. Punctuality, responsibility and handling any situation at any time were the key learnings. Being a part of LEAD and LEAD Prayana I have learnt many important aspects in life which would help me throughout the life’s journey. One thing I always say, an engineer from any random engineering college and an engineer who is in to LEAD program have a complete different lifestyle, their perspective towards everything varies. Learning through LEAD was fun and necessary in life which we cannot experience through the knowledge of books. Thank you everyone to give me the opportunity to do new things in life.

Written By : Nilima Jangam

Email : nilimajangam65@gmail.com

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