LEAD Prayana

Prayana taught me importance of giving back to society!


Prayana wasnt just a mesmerizing journey for me but it changed the way towards my life and the society, says Mr Likith! Likith AR from Bangalore is pursuing his Engineering in Computer Science Department of Nitte Meenakshi Institute Of Technology, Bangalore. Before joining LEAD Prayana, I was a boy with a dream of being rich and have a lavish life with all the success in my hands.

I wasnt aware about LEAD or Deshpande Foundation of Hubbali and was expecting this journey as a trip, full of enjoyment and new people from various places. The first day brought a drastic turn in my life journey. I realised the difference of thoughts we were sharing about life and contribution towards society. Many new things were in process of learning while the journey and every moment is just unforgettable. Every Prayanee I met there had contribution towards development of society. As I am a bangalorite I have heard about all the problems faced in villages but after meeting all my friends in Prayana I could see those problems in their eyes and I could feel their urge towards developing society. The most surprising thing for me was, all the prayanees were of my age, 18 to 20. I was worried only about my college, studies, and exams and my career but my friends were completing their projects along with the studies and college. Apart from all my Prayana friends, role models were most impactful for me, the destinations and role models were related to different fields and the role models from different streams helped me to think about future and career opportunities widely. 15 days with Prayanees is one of the best memory which will be cherished all my whole life. The journey and moments spent here so much impactful and my suggestion to every youngster is to experience this amazing journey once. Thank you LEAD Prayana to teach me the importance of giving back to the society. I feel blessed to be the part of LEAD and LEAD Prayana.

Written By: Nilima Jangam

Email: nilimajangam65@gmail.com

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