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My Prayana Story | LEAD Prayana 2017 Prayanee | Anuttara Sharma


IMG-20170822-WA0002Anuttara Sharma is a prayanee of 2017 batch who is an Engineering graduate from Ashoka Institute of technology and management Varanasi.

Anuttara is a bold and audacious girl. she knew that life begins at the end of the comfort zone. Coming from a orthodox family, it took her one month to convince her parents to travel alone from Varanasi to Belgaum and be the part of the wonderful journey Prayana. “Coming to prayana and being there for 15 days was the best decision of my life”she says.

She joined LEAD in Nov 2016 through her friend where she accidentally came to know about prayana and it became an extraordinary and irreplaceable journey of her life. She discovered that prayana is like a Window which will allow us to see the entire world as well as into ourselves. she says her that prayana has taught her how the time can be spent wisely. It made her aware of every moment which she was spending and had plan for every next moment.

Prayana brought numerous amount of changes in her life. From the day after prayana her life entirely changed. She says she was very individualistic person who preferd her own company and had only 3 friends but after joining prayana she made 150 friends in 15 days. It makes her thrilled when she gives a thought on it. Prayana taught her that to achieve something in life we have to invest proper time on it and plan accordingly.

She was inspired by the role models she met in this journey and aspires to be one among then. Prayana gave her the new wings to fly high with her dreams. It has given her a goal for life. Now she is preparing for her masters in IIT and wants to join and work for lead after her education.

Written By: Vaishnavi Patil

Email: vaishnavinpatil6@gmail.com


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