LEAD Prayana

Prayana helped me to build LEADERship ability and made me confident person!


LEAD Prayana is a mesmerizing and an annual leadership journey. This awaited journey is a turning point of every LEADer. Mr Prathamesh Shashikant Karekar, student of Gogte College of commerce participated in LEAD Prayana 2013. When he shared his experience of Prayana, he said, LEAD and LEAD Prayana has brought drastic change in my life and this magical journey has changed my attitude towards life and society. Students participating in LEAD Prayana are from different states of India like Karnataka, Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh. Being with all these students of different parts, I have learnt different cultures and languages with them. I had a great experience for directing the street play which involved community activities. Before joining Prayana I was afraid to speak in public and in the journey I left my fear behind and was leading the crowd whenever I got the opportunity. After coming back I have taken initiative for development of my area.In this way journey developed my LEADership ability and made me realise my contribution towards society. I am very thankful to LEAD for allowing me to be a part of such amazing journey which turned my shy personality into bold and confident one.

Written By : Nilima Jangam

Email : nilimajangam65@gmail.com

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