LEAD Prayana

Prayana gave new hopes and energy to accomplish my dreams!


I needed a direction to discover myself to achieve my dreams. LEAD Prayana helped me not only to find the direction but a clear vision of my goals and boosted confidence to achieve them. I am Varsha B K Kothari, from Ranebennur. One day while surfing on Facebook I learnt about LEAD and got to know about LEAD Prayana, I applied for the journey and to my surprise I was selected amongst many applicants. The nervousness and the excitement was on as this was the unique journey with lots of adventure which was the first time experience for me. Throughout the journey I have learnt infinite things which are necessary in my life and just words are not enough to put them on sheet of paper to share my feelings about the journey. We visited Agastya Foundation, Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya and these exposure visits and the guest speakers sessions inspired me in one or the other way. The 15 days of journey made me think out of the box, the difference and change in me could be felt as initially it was challenging but after the journey was over the thought of how to start speaking was forgotten. I was a girl who had dreams but never had enough confidence even to think about reaching them and after the journey, the step towards my dream was taken with the clear thought in them. Addressing more than thousand people at the end of the journey in a conference was one of the proof in achieving the confidence, the journey was full of such impactful moments and learnings which would be used by me in day to day life. My expectation of exploring the journey, understanding my goals and building contacts were all fulfilled, along with the energy and the hope in life. My college and the other students were inspired by me after seeing a different and a transformed me and were excited to join the next journey.


I just want to give a small message to all the young LEADers,

“Break the wrong conditioning of the mind, Break those chains you are tied to, and FLY HIGH.”

Written By: Nilima Jangam

Email : nilimajangam65@gmail.com

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