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In persuit of happiness with prayana!


Do you believe in living life again? May be yes! But I am not the kind of s person who believe in reincarnation. I was of a strong opinion that we live once and experience life just once only till I became a part of LEAD. LEAD entrusted within me deeper insights into life. It made me realise the fact that life has so much in store. It’s within us to explore the nooks and corners. Afterall what’s the point in living without getting inspired or inspiring others?

I was a complete stranger to LEAD a year and a half ago. SDM being a partner with Deshpande Foundation since its inception, Lead Prayana visited my college in the late January or early February, 2016. I was hosting the event that was organised for prayanees. Least did I expect that day that I would be one amongst them in the very next prayana. The zeal and power packed enthusiasm within the prayanees took me spell bound. I felt a bond with the journey of leadership which couldn’t be expressed. I desperately wanted to join the journey next year and so did it happen.

Excitement reached sky, when I boraded the bus to belgaum from ujire. I started this journey with no preconceptions because I wanted to embrace things the way they come. It was indeed fun to know people, interact with them and visit places.

Prayana taught me lessons which no university on earth could teach. It made me realise the beauty of sharing, caring, loving and for just being there for each other. Not just the role models each and every person we came across had something to teach. According to me, we get to learn more from the organisers and co-prayanees than through role models. Because, to live with around 150 people for 14 days, watch each other right from dawn to dusk, witness each others happiness and miseries teach things immensely.

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Being a part of prayana, it taught me the spirit of unleashing my potential, face challenges, accept realities, the strength in team work, and the happiness in working as one family. Zumba dance will remain to be one amongst the most interesting dance of my life. What I am thankful for prayana is for enabling me to actually unleash my potential. Arpan Anna helped me unveil the blogger in me. Working with him, writting blogs and contents for social media was iceing on the cake.

Throughout this journey, I realised that life is so beautiful. Those 14 days of my life were one amongst the most beautiful days of my life that I will cherish till my last breath.

All I want to say to those who aspire to be a part of prayana is, Go grab the opportunity. Because this journey is not something that can be missed. Live this journey of leadership. Live prayana. Live your life!!

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