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Personal Hygiene Project – Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Personal Hygiene
Personality development activity

Clean person is not someone who runs away from the dirt, but someone who takes time and effort to tidy-up a dirty environment around him. Every day children come in contact with millions of outside germs and viruses. That can make them prone to many diseases and affect their education. Children are the most innocent beings on this earth. They are like clay and take the shape which we give to them. So it’s our duty to make sure that they learn and practice good habits. To keep themselves and society healthy, physically and mentally. There is a need for every child to learn cleanliness to remain healthy. It makes them to feel good about themselves.

Personal Hygiene
Leaders talking about clean habits

LEADers of Deshpande Koutilya Fellowship Program conducted a workshop in schools and addressed the children about the importance of the personal hygiene. They visited 3 Government schools of Tarihal and Honnapur near Hubli. LEADer Gajananda, Maresh, Akshata, Trupti, Jayasheela, Sushma, Renuka, Shantan, Soujanya and Kalpana splited into two groups and performed the activities. They gave awareness about how to maintain personal hygiene, Good Touch and Bad Touch, Importance of disciplined life and Moral Values which will benefit them in their overall growth.

Personal Hygiene
Group Activity

They explained the student’s different habits that is necessary for maintaining personal hygiene.  Like cleaning of our hands before meals to protect our health, covering of mouth while coughing, having regular baths or showers, regular brushing of teeth, wearing clean dress, use of dustbins etc. They conducted different activities and games for the students. LEADers were successful in reaching more than 2100 students. Teachers of the schools supported and encouraged the initiative taken by the LEADers. They said that it is very impactful to students minds when someone from outside tells them because they are bored listening to the teachers and parents every day.

Personal Hygiene
Leaders interacting with students

LEADers had wonderful experience spending time with the students. They learnt new methods of communication to reach students minds effectively. Controlling students without their teachers was one of the big task for the Leaders but later they managed to do it easily. Leaders also learnt confidence, patience and teamwork. This was a successful initiative which helped both students and LEADers in their personality development.

Written By: Vaishnavi N Patil

Mail Id: vaishnavinpatil6@gmail.com

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