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Making of Paper Bags – Being part of the change



We are leaving in the 20th century now. The era of innovations and evolution. The man has stepped on the other planets and is now capable of doing anything that he aspires. But is he right all the time??? Is he not selfish?? Whenever we ask these questions to ourselves deep inside we know that we are heading towards the destruction. Because in the name of technology and advancement we are causing destruction to the nature. Preserving our nature is our one of the biggest responsibility. One of the major cause for this disaster is the invention of the plastic material. In today’s life plastic has become one of the major part of our lives because it has made the life of a human easy. Have you ever thought of using Paper bags instead of plastic?? If No then ask why?

India is in the list of top countries which produce plastic wastes. From using plastic in the kitchen, to the all the materials we use for our daily activities are made up of plastic. Plastic waste/ plastic pollution is damaging our environment very wickedly.  It’s hard to dispose and it takes millions of years to decay completely leading to the damage of nature. We know these all things. We write big essays and talk hours together on the same topic. But how many of us really bother to think about the alternative solutions? How many of us take a step to bring a change to this topic?

Here is our LEADer Sachin a fellow of DET (Dhespande Education Trust) took an initiative to bring a change to avoid the plastic usage for some extent. He says “instead of asking what my country gave to me, we should ask what I gave to my country”. He thought that plastic pollution is one of the major problem and thought of working on the solution to this problem. He along with his fellow LEADers decided to roam around Hubli to find out the shops who used more plastics. They found around 70 shops and provided them the paper bags to use, rather than the plastic bags. They explained the shopkeepers the hazards effects about the usage of the plastic. They tried to convince them to use paper bags by giving them some samples. All the LEADers made paper bags using old newspapers.

The LEADers proudly say that they were successful in implementing this project and more than 50 shops have started using paper bags now. After the project the LEADers said that “Convincing people was the biggest challenge, but we tried all the ways to explain them the real fact about the plastic wastes”. But   now they have learnt how to convince people and their communication skill has grown. They have decided to work every Sunday on this project. Really what an initiative. We should not wait for others to change, We should be that change.

Written By: Vaishnavi N Patil

Mail Id: vaishnavinpatil6@gmail.com

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