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One thought, many smiles!


Anybody could afford to support the lesser fortunate financially but a few exceptionally support them with their time and concern. It is known that any individual can give his time to only that entity which he thinks is important. A bunch of LEADers from Bellary conducted a historical day out for the orphanage kids and successfully spread a word of concern and compassion.

Every child wishes to go out to various places, explore and experience the fun. Kids who are financially sound and have a family by their side can fulfill all these wishes but the ones that reside in an orphanage are deprived of all these amusement. This made the LEADers of Bellary come up with an initiative that aims at achieving few smiles at the end of the day.


LEAD ambassador Sardar Ganesh, master LEADers Bindhu, Shravani, Sai Shrisha and Dilip Kumar from Veerashaiva Degree College, decided to take the orphanage kids for a one-day educational tour. All the responsibilities of acquiring permissions of officials of the destitute home, arranging transport facilities and assuring the safety of the kids were taken up by the LEADers.




Instead of taking them only on a picnic, They decided to take them to places which had embedded stories that depict the rich art and architecture of our nation. They concluded to go on an educational trip to Hampi and Hospet. Kids got an opportunity to visit the Archaeological Museum and also witness the diverse art sculptures of ancient Vijaynagara Empire.


28055650_10156187895502863_7831371357616102780_nThey also visited the Rani Mahal, Veerupaksha temple, Lotus temple etc. Post lunch the kids traveled to the Tungabhadra Dam and rejoiced playing games and spending some quality time at the park.

The delighted look of the kids made the LEADers realize that their mission of ‘Spreading smiles’ was accomplished. The officials and the kids of the orphanage expressed their gratitude for this considerate deed of all LEADers.




Written By: Ritika Ganiger

Email: ritikaganiger@gmail.com

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