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Old age is the time where people should enjoy with their family and take rest. But, these days many senior citizens are deprived from this problem, living in old age homes now and thus it leads to a lifeless living because of lack of emotional support and communication from their family, they get distressed and live a heart broken edge life. So, LEADers Kasarla Shruthi and Kasarla Kruthi from Nizamabad initiated their project called ‘OLD AGE HOME PROJECT’. They wanted to spend some time with them, make them happy and let them realize that they are not alone, they still have a family in us. They have implemented this project in Sai Ganga Sharanalaya, Pangra, Nizamabad.

Shruthi and Kruthi are from Nizamabad. They always wanted to improve their skills and to work for the society. They joined LEAD after hearing to an orientation program in their college by Sangeetha mam. LEAD inspired them to take up any challenge.

They got emotionally moved by seeing old people living in old age homes. LEAD management has supported them and they immediately took permission from the owner of Sai Ganga Sharanalaya who were very supportive to help them in each and every step they took.

LEADers says that this is a crucial and sensitive issue and the problem is that they live a mechanical life, doesn’t interact with anyone. But after relentlessly spending their time with them they started living their life again. Now the LEADers says the problem is resolved in their community. After they started to implement the project, their friends, college faculty and even their parents supported them. LEADers say that “they now come along with us to old age home. “

The major challenge for the LEADers was to interact with the senior citizens. They didn’t speak to them at the beginning. Later, it was really tough to bring them out of the depressive feeling that they do not have anyone in their life, which was one of most difficult task for them. During the Project they used their communication skills and learnt how important family and love is for the human existence. In the future, LEADers want them to spend their lives as they spent earlier, celebrate all festivals mingle with everyone and live the life joyfully without any regrets till the end.

LEADers say that “Success in this is all about their happiness” and they are sure that they’ve succeeded in it which helped more than 25 old age people. As future expansion of this project, they want to take them to outside world and want to let them meet their family and live with them. They want to do everything which makes them happy and to make the human life happy with lots of true love and emotions to get the true humanity side from people again! Which they have lost before. And, we wish them All the very best for their future career.

    Written by: Pathan Roshan Khan

   E-mail id:  roshankhanpathan21@gmail.com



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