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Say no to Plastic


On an international level, plastic waste is an epidemic. Most discarded plastic will outlast our lifespan before it decomposes to minerals. Even if it decomposes its chemicals can harm the local wildlife and biodiversity. Many times the plastic debris can collect and choke/suffocate animals such as sharks and sea turtles. It is important that we either stop the waste or find a better way to deal with humans sick obsession of wasting it and polluting the environment with it.

Monika Sing heard about this problem from reading articles and decided to mobilize against this war. Her dream was to create 0% plastic waste villages, but first, she had to start with one house. She piloted this project in early 2018 and had developed a 100% effective method. She coaches families to become plastic independent. Then when she has provided families with the right tools, she gets them to pledge that they will continue this 100% polythene-free lifestyle. She then ensures they stick to their commitment.

We are not living in a disposable world and must not treat it that way. It is detrimental that if our population keeps increasing that we minimize our waste. This is our only planet, and for the foreseeable future, we will not be immigrating to other planets, so we have to treat this one with respect. Let us take a stand for the earth and act more like Monika.

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