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New Agricultural Techniques Awareness with LEADer Harish D

LEADer Harish D from Veershaiva College Bellary realized that there were many new agricultural machines, innovations, and subsidy programs, but without awareness, farmers were unable to take advantage of them. Harish took it upon himself to share this information with the farmers, and inspired his fellow leaders to join him in his awareness campaign.
Media coverage of the project
Harish conducting information
sessions for farmers
Harish and his team held information sessions in villages,
spreading awareness to over 600 farmers in total. Not only did the team inform the farmers of the new techniques and programs, but encouraged and helped them to take advantage. With the help of Harish and his team, 7 farmers (with help from 45 others) received a commercial loan to purchase new innovative farming equipment, in which the farmers received a discount of 14 lacs on the equipment. In total, 50 farmers benefitted from this new equipment. Another farmer, with information from Harish, purchased 2 buffalo and one cow to improve his farming.
One challenge for the group was to gather the farmers in one place to do the information session. They know it would take significant time to share the information door-to-door, so with the help of a few local people, the team went around to invite the farmers to a central location. Harish also found it challenging to convince the bank to offer low-interest loans to the farmers. Many of the farmers had limited history with banking, and therefore both the banks and farmers were hesitant.
Harish and team receiving award at
Yuva Summit 2016
For this project, Harish won a Best Leader Award at Yuva Summit 2016, receiving it onstage in front of a crowd of over 4000 from Nobel Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus. John Deere Bellary also appreciated Harish for his work getting their innovative equipment to the farmers who need it most.
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