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Best LEADer awardee: Bhimshi Udsannavar


It was me who faced this issue and it was me who fixed the same.

LEADer Bhimshi Barmamppa Udsannavar, a student from Siddeshwar college Nargund. Motivated by listening to LEADership stories at the orientation, Bhimshi joined LEAD couple of months ago.

Bhimshi comes from an agricultural background where he faced one prominent problem, all their farms are located at elevated regions which are far from town premises. Generally, they face a lot of problem during harvest time since carrying the products back down the hill is a tedious job. Bhimshi says it difficult for people to walk and in such case getting the Bullock cart and taking them back is difficult and dangerous. Had it been vehicles than with the help of brakes it could be controlled while taking them to farms but how can Bullock cart be controlled?

Thinking on this Bhimshi decided to work on making brake system to Bullock carts. He collects materials like wood, ropes etc and began. He tried several times and failed but his determination was not hit by the failures. He kept on trying and finally made the brake system to these carts.Every cart in the village has his brake system implemented for their carts. Not just his village rather all the villages around Nargund are benefitted with this. Bhimshi says his father was a constant support to him. An equal share of credits should be given to his father is what he marks.

31936188024_4190e22bab_zThis amazing thought of Bhimshi bagged him the ‘Best LEADer award ‘ in the Yuva summit 2017.

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