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My Story: Yuvaraj Patil

My Story: Yuvaraj Patil, VSMIT Nipani

There was one day which turned my life towards achievement. Our sir at college came and informed us to join one programme. We all went it to the presentation… it was the LEAD program. I got impressed by listening about LEAD and by watching the project videos. I saw the LEAD slogan: “complaints start with they… solutions starts with I”. This slogan pushed me to achieve something. It is made me to look for problem around me that I could solve. 
By keeping the slogan in mind I went home and started thinking over it. Since my home is in rural area, I found lots of problems. In my home itself there was smoke problem from the traditional chula. I wanted to reduce my mother’s effort by solving this problems. I start to think over it and I got a solution that is I made a smokeless chula .
Yuvaraj with his smokeless chula installed in a home

Traditional chula produces more smoke and that has an effect on the health of the chef and also on the food. I found a solution to reduce the smoke, in and developed one smokeless chula which works on traditional fuel only but produces less smoke. I have fitted one small part which blows oxygen to fuel and causes complete combustion of the fuel therefore smoke gets reduces. The blower works on a mobile charger and battery so it is economic for rural people.

By seeing this project my mother was so much happy that she showed this project to all her group of women friends. Since the cost of this project is low and it is very effective, they have demanded for this project as well.
On 1st January 2015 was very lucky and very important for me. I received a call from LEAD Deshpande Foundation, they wanted to see my project. I went and I showed my project and came back to home. The next morning only I saw my news in various news papers as a “FIGHT AGAINST THE POLLUTION”. I felt very much happy and my parents were also proud of me.
I was selected for LEAD Prayana 2015 and my project was selected for showcasing in Yuva Summit 2015. I enjoyed and also I learn lot in Prayana and at Yuva Summit. I exhibited my project in front of the role models, and in award ceremony I sat on a chair in crowd. There was one announcement from Ajay sir, functional head of LEAD, that was “the Best LEADer award goes to Yuvaraj Patil”. I was surprised because I could not have thought that I will get this award. I accepted my Best LEADer award on stage from Nobel Prize Winner Kailash Satyarthi-ji .
Accepting the Best LEADer award at Yuva Summit 2016
I went back to my village but I did not stop my work. I started thinking over more problems, because I found lot of problems around me. And I started to solve the problems through LEAD projects. I completed more than 20 projects.
Conducting one of many projects: reducing daytime home electricity usage with waste bottles
While doing these projects the villagers were observing me. They thought that I would be a good leader… they changed their perspective about me since I was always very quiet. One day the ex-Panchayat member came to my home and he suggested to me to stand for election. I was shocked for a few seconds, but I thought that this is a very good chance to do something for my village and so I said yes.
Yuvaraj after his Gram Panchayat ceremony
Because of all my work in my LEAD projects the people elected me as a Gram Panchayat Vice-Chairman without any opposite competitor. If LEAD is not with me then I could not be a leader as a Gram Panchayat Chairman. 
At last I want to tell you all my friends that LEAD is a bridge from normal student to successful leader. One of the most important things I learned from LEAD is that converting an idea into reality with great effort is the moment of success. No matter if the idea is small or bigger, converting it into reality is the main thing I learned in LEAD.
Yuvaraj sharing his My Story on stage at Yuva Summit 2016

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