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My story: Vijay Matti (SKSVMACET, Laxmeshwar)


I am passionate about developing the Indian economy. I feel strongly that India should start relying more on itself, and less on imported products and goods from other countries. To make progress towards the greater goal of promoting the Indian economy, I decided to tackle the issue at the local level. I spread awareness of the “Be Indian, buy Indian” mentality among my fellow students by starting a Swadeshi store at my college.

Many students at my college had always expressed an interest in purchasing Swadeshi products, but finding Swadeshi products is difficult in a city as small and isolated as Laxmeshwar. I took an initiative to start a Swadeshi store at my college. By establishing the store at my college, I could introduce purchasing convenience while ensuring that the Swadeshi message would remain in the consciousness of the students.

To effectively launch the Swadeshi store, I partnered with the Chetana Foundation, which invested Rs. 2,000 in the project.  I also collaborated with several other LEAD students to help run the store and promote Swadeshi products to local industries.

In addition to working on my own projects in LEAD, I have involved myself in other aspects of LEAD.  I regularly volunteered for other LEADers’ projects at my college.  For this, I was awarded the “Most Active Volunteer” at the 2013 LEAD Valedictory Ceremony in Hubli.  I am now currently working for LEAD as an intern, where I am managing several colleges and mentoring students on their projects.  I will also be responsible for planning LEAD Prayana.

LEAD has made me what I am today. Earlier I was not so clear about what I should do next, but I had it in my mind to become an entrepreneur. LEAD gave me the platform to take on challenges while helping society”. My LEAD involvements have given me the opportunity to develop an entrepreneurial mindset while refining my communication, management, and networking skills. LEAD ignited a spark.

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