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My story: Veeresh Badiger(BLDE Polytechnic college, Vijayapur)


My journey of LEAD started at BLDE Polytechnic situated in Vijayapur. Social activities were not my area of interests but everything changed when I got introduced to LEAD. I was doing diploma in electric engineering when my friend, Praveengouda Patil introduced me to LEAD. At that time I had no idea of LEAD. He explained what exactly this organization is and what are the things undertaken by LEAD. I immediately loved the work and vision of LEAD and just after that I joined this huge network that I am part of today.

veeresh-badiger2I began with LEAD projects with a group of friends. I worked with the team in projects such as making a parking lot around the college for the students and faculties. It was hard for me, in the beginning, to cope with the activities but with time I learned. As we worked as a team, team management was one of the main things I learned in the starting phase. In these projects, I was usually led by a team leader and I followed instructions. I knew one day I would initiate my own projects and that day was not very far away.

My first initiative project under LEAD is “Kitchen gardening”. I made an observation that most people in my city i.e. Bijapur did not have an idea of kitchen gardening. There were few people who knew about it but they had not implemented. Basically, we spend a lot of money to buy vegetables every day and most of these vegetables are grown chemically. The basic vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. can be grown in our very own garden and that too organically. So I went around to various families and explained them the concept and made sure they implemented it.

Other projects that I have worked under LEAD are awareness about eco-friendly Ganesh, prevention of wastage of milk on festivals etc. With every project that I work, I make sure there is an impact, like for the eco-friendly Gaanesh project, I made sure around 10 families bought the eco-friendly Ganesh idol during the celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi.

There was a huge buzz about LLP i.e. LEAD Leadership Program. As I got to know more about it, the excitement just got increasing. I joined a batch for LLP in 2013. LLP was one of the best things to happen in my life. The program is so resourceful. It got me the motivation I required in my life. My hidden talent for filmmaking was discovered here. I now concentrated on this part of my interest. With the major development of my work, I am now working as LEAD media intern.

Communicating with the public and my fellow mates was a challenge for me in the beginning but as I kept myself involved in many more projects I started to lose my fears and I have learned a lot. I have gained self-confidence and I have learned how to handle any kind of situations. I have improved myself in the area of communication.



LEAD makes sure that the works and projects undertaken by LEADers don’t go unnoticed. I and my team were honored at LEAD Valedictory and awarded as the best team of the year 2013 and 2015.

I further look to improve my personality through this journey of LEAD that has a long way to go.

Written by-Amruth S

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