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My Story: Sandesh Jorapure(Diploma, Raibag Polytechnic College)

“LEAD has changed my life; a person who would hesitate to show himself in front of the world is now showing the world to others.”

I used to be a silent timid guy during my school days and rarely made any friends. But as I grew up, I realized the importance of having friends and people around. Then I started involving myself in various competitions and college functions and tried my level best to make friends. Slowly my number of friends grew and interaction with others increased. In spite of all these I continued to have stage fear and always hesitated to speak in front of crowd. 

It was during this time that LEAD was introduced in my college. I was inspired by the concept of LEAD which made me check the websites and blogs of LEAD. I was motivated looking at the projects and initiatives taken by the students of my age.
I took up several LEAD projects under the guidance of LEAD coordinators Vikram and Absar. 

Few of the projects:

Teachers Day Celebration

Along with my team, I celebrated teacher’s day at our college. After the celebration, we planted more than 150 saplings in the garden of our college. This was the first project at our college so we thought celebrating this day by planting a new sapling. This project made a new change in celebration of teacher’s day at our college. 


Engineer’s Day Celebration

The next project I did was celebrating Engineers day at my college. On this day I and my Team planned to invite all the Engineers and keep a program at our college. On this day we invited minimum 15 Engineers and KLE College Principal as our Chief Guest. We gave a small token of love to the all engineers and thanked them for the contribution they have done for the growth of our society.

Robotic Knowledge for technical students

Robots will be the men of next generation. So I thought spreading awareness about its working and also teach basics about robotics to junior students at our college. I took a session to 125 students through 3 batches. I taught them about assembling a robot and automation in the industries. 

Importance of Education

Then I made an another project in which I took help of my friend Salim and Irfan. I with them went to different colleges and took a session to convey them the importance of Education in their life. We motivated more than 200 students.



On the day of Vanamohatsava, along with my team, I planted 200 saplings at the entrance of our college. Our college staff supported me immensely in this project.  

Bus stop Painting

We gave a new look to our old bus stop. The previous bus stop which we had was in a worse condition. Then I and my team decided to paint the bus stop and give a new look to it. It was a very challenging project to me because no one was ready to remove the dirtiness which was produced by the Gutaka eating peoples. But then we sorted out the work and made the project completed. The above picture shows u a new view of the bus stop.   

Internet and computer facility

Our college students were facing problems to a project proposal to LEAD due to non availability of internet and computer. Hence I took an initiative of creating the internet facility for everyone. I went to my Principal and requested him to give us internet facility. Our Principal took understood our problem and gave 10 computers with the internet facility.  This reduced the burden of budding LEADers at our college.

International Nonviolence day

On the eve of International non violence day, I made people to take oath of being non- violent and not hurting others. During Pravachan(session) of Shri Siddeshwar Swamiji, several people had gathered. I used this opportunity to spread the message of Gandhiji. I made the gathered people to take an Oath to stop the harassment going on the women and children. I made more than 17000 public to take the Oath. 


Recognizing the unrecognized

On International Women’s Day which is celebrated on March 8 worldwide. I and my team appreciated 500 women in our town for their hard work and dedication. This was with a perspective that the most ignored part of the who contribute to our society should also be appreciated and thanked.

The hard work invested in the above projects bore fruits when my networking grew and ability to manage team improved. LEAD team gave me an additional responsibility of managing the Social Media for Raibag and Chikodi. This won me “Best Social Media Ambassador” in LEAD Valedictory 2015.

I have traveled all the parts of the Karnataka through LEAD Prayana2015 which was two weeks leadership journey. LEAD has improved me several ways. It has made me courageous and given me opportunities to use my energy in the right direction. 




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