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My story: Sandesh Bhat (MES College of Commerce, Sirsi)


I  joined LEAD because I wanted to help people by becoming a good leader. More specifically, I wanted to improve upon my ability to identify problems in society, to generate solutions for those problems, and to implement those solutions. 

Since joining LEAD, I have completed over 30 projects, and I have ideas to do even more. I have devoted most of my projects to helping rural people by helping them improve their agricultural practices. Many rural people suffer from financial problems. I wanted to inspire others to help rural people. My projects range from encouraging a single family to incorporate mixed crops in order to increase their family’s income, to organizing a major workshop for hundreds of local farmers to teach them more effective agricultural techniques. So far, my projects have benefited over 600 people in and around my community. 

Although I have successfully completed 30 projects, I have also encountered many challenges along the way. Many of my projects required additional fundraising. I turned to the public to raise these funds so that I could complete his various projects, but initially, the public was not supportive. I worked tirelessly to explain to the public about the objectives and benefits of my projects. With each new completed project, though, approaching people and getting their support became easier. From my completed projects, I have fundraised a total of over Rs. 51,000. 

Prior to joining LEAD, I had no knowledge about leadership. But now, I know what leadership means.  LEAD has helped me develop essential leadership skills such as communicating with people, convincing people, identifying problems and creating and implementing solutions, and how to effectively use resources. LEAD has also exposed me to some of society’s biggest problems and helped me expand my social networks.

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