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My Story: Rohan Jalgeri(KLECET, Belgaum)


Before my journey at LEAD began, I worked for interact club at the school level. The club was involved in social activities and matched my interests. But the sad part was as the school ended, even my involvement in the club ceased. I needed a similar kind if base for my interests as I joined college. During my first year at college, I attended a fest, AURA conducted at Gogte College of Engineering. It was the first fest that I attended to after I joined engineering and I were all awestruck. A fest for almost 2000-3000 people all organized by students. The organizers were all in tees with LEAD written all over them. I enquired about it and got to know that LEAD is a program for students and that it also functions in our college. By the next fortnight, I was a LEAD member. I registered at our college along with few other of my friends and this was a start to the biggest journey.

rohan-jalgeri-3 Initially, I didn’t have much idea about how things ran in LEAD. We were told to do projects, so one among us started with a project and we all joined it. It was basically making charts for government schools. During this project, I made some very good friends. Now I was part of a team that undertook all LEAD tasks for our college.

With scanty support from the college, we had a tough time to run things at college. But we had a good team and good support coming in from other colleges. We continued with lead activities outside college and restricting to minimum activity within the college.During this time I and my team were part of many projects such as cloth donation drive at college, Innovative learning for a government school, drawing competition at primary schools, awareness against the use of fireworks, etc.

With all the struggles, I made sure I learn through all obstacles. I learned to grab opportunitiesrohan-jalgeri whenever it’s provided, things won’t certainly wait for us. I’ve seen my own friends dropping LEAD because they didn’t get much recognition but I also observed that they never made an effort to try new things or think out of the box which slightly left them behind in the race.

Every year LEAD valedictory is conducted where LEADers from around the state are recognized. I was honored as the “Master leader” for the year 2015 and “Lead Ambassador” for the year 2016.

The journey in LEAD has certainly etched a few memories vividly in my head. I had the best moment when our project “Awareness against fireworks” received a huge applause from the crowd we targeted. It was our bit to the society.

This journey has got no end and I plan to undertake more projects under LEAD. I dream to make a significant mark on the society. I aim at developing my own self. I look forward to attending more sessions and interaction with industry personalities.


Lead is totally different from other organizations because of its opportunities. We get to do various social, technical and charity projects and at the same time, we’re exposed to the entrepreneur world. This exposure bridges gap between the work culture and our ideas. LEAD also teaches how our interests could be our profession.

Written by-Amruth S

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