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My Story: Ritika Ganiger(KLECET Belagaum)


Being socially active in the society is what I have dreamt of since a kid, but I had never got an opportunity to implement plans or changes that I wanted to see in the society. I got introduced to LEAD at my college, KLE College of Engineering and Technology. It was a meeting that I attended to without having a single clue of what it is. The meeting was addressed by one of my seniors and that’s where I learned about LEAD and right then I knew, “LEAD is the perfect platform for my dreams”. The very first thing I did after the meeting is register to LEAD. I was so sure about what I wanted to do after that meeting. I came home, surfed a bit about the Deshpande foundation, checked the LEAD pages on Facebook and watched few videos too.

r2-1LEAD brings about the changes in the society through projects. I undertook a project under LEAD just as I became a part of LEAD. I started with my first project “THE INNOVATIVE LEARNING, an effort to make learning more interesting”. The students at every private school are taught with the help of modern innovative methods such as informative charts, working or miniature models, power point presentations etc. but on the other hand, the students at government schools are deprived of this facility, and thus, we took up this project to prepare useful charts, mathematical models, traffic rules informative, cleanliness habits etc. Once they were all prepared, we took them to the government schools around the city and conducted workshops to teach selected subjects. Additional to this, we had an interactive session with the students to explain them the methods of maintaining their surroundings clean and tidy .The students can now learn their lessons more effectively with the help of the charts and models. The amount of learning I got from this project is worth mentioning.

Who knew LEAD had more to give me more than I had imagined. Just after completion of my first project, I heard of ‘Kick Off’ and ‘Prayana’. I was totally new to this but when we were explained of these events, I was fascinated to be a part of it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it for prayana but never the less I participated with the creativity team for about 20 days for the event Kick Off. This event was where I got huge networking into LEAD. It was one such event where I learned about working together andimg_20150307_145508 making the best of it. Just like an icing on the cake, I got an opportunity to be the host of the formal function. This was one such moment, which helped me fight against my stage fear.

LEAD is such a huge part of me now. It’s a challenge to maintain a perfect balance between my academics and LEAD activities, projects etc., while on the same page I get to learn a lot from each day. From my very first day in LEAD, there is something to
learn, something to act and something to think every day. It’s a great feeling in being busy with any project or an event. LEAD has helped me become more sensitive towards my society. I always used to notice problems around me but I only complained about them before but now, I come up with a solution to the problem. LEAD has taught me to face any kind of a crowd. My approach towards many things have changed, I now feel confident. If I had to list what I learn from LEAD, I just know it would take another day.

There are lots of opportunities at LEAD and I feel lucky to be a part of many. Till this date, I have become a part of many social projects, event organizations and orientation programs. I have mentored new students on leadership activities. One other large event that I attended was LLP camp in the year 2015. I am now working as an intern for bloggers team in lead social media. My activities at LEAD has got me recognition. I was honored as “Ambassador of college KLEMSSCET” for the year 2016-17.


LEAD is a very different platform and experience for anyone. It makes you a solution builder rather than a complainer. It makes you face your inner potential. In the current situation where the world is growing at an exponential rate, it demands only the ones with the additional caliber and dynamic leadership qualities. Leadership is one important factor that defines a personality and I believe LEAD can help any person shape up this quality.

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