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My Story: Rasika Mangale(Jain College of Engineering,Belgaum)


Before joining LEAD there wasn’t any source through which I could hold on any social activities which directed me towards the betterment of the society. That did not merely mean I wasn’t concerned about serving my society, in that regards I visited orphanages or old age homes and would do for them as much I could.
One fine day, we were called for some orientation in my college, which further came up to be LEAD orientation program. Finding it to be so amazing, I registered my name without any second thought.

Initially, when I was asked to come out with a project I thought to visit a boarding house which was taken care by a Freedom fighter. He took care of the boarding house through the pension he received every month. Well, that wasn’t sufficient for around 30-40 kids who stayed there. The kids used to hardly have food at nights as there were very fewer resources for food. We also observed that the place they stayed was unhygienic and unhealthy.

I and my team stepped in to clean the atmosphere at prior. We cleaned all the garbage that created an unhealthy atmosphere for the children and then we planted vegetable seeds like chili, brinjal, tomato, capsicum, drumsticks etc which would be helpful for the caretakers so that it would source of food for the children. We also spent time with the kids and taught them to write letters, and also taught them to read and write their names. We even played games with them, few kids showed up their talents to us.rasika-mangale1

Later days I joined my projects along with my fellow mates. Few major projects we undertook are Women’s day project “recognizing the unrecognized”, Awareness of National anthem and many others.

During Prayana, we had the KICK-OFF event where I have had the best days, we came up with amazing creativity to welcome the Prayanis and bid them with luck for the journey. We arranged the cultural night for the Prayanis where we had amazing fun.

When someone asks me what I have learned from LEAD I have enormous to tell. When it came to networking I love meeting new people. Here I got the biggest opportunities to grab as I came up as a different person. I gained that confidence which made me work so much with commitment and dedication. My command over speech and confidence to talk has reached a different level.

Being a LEADer I always came up with social initiatives which made me face the real world. I enjoyed everything I did here. When I saw the other pillar of LEAD working which gave bigger reorganization to LEAD, i.e. LEAD SOCIAL MEDIA I could not stop exploring about it. As personally I always was socially active and believed that media did play the most important role. I felt this was so much for me. I joined Social Media as learner where I was recognized in a different way. I learned the best aspects and running of media. This brought me a different path where I loved working for LEAD social media.img-20160211-wa0056

        There have always been the best of best moments in LEAD. Starting from a small scratch till big, I have had the best moments to jot down. Kick-off, Yuva Summit have always made me learn more and more. To be more precise in January 2016, which was the best moment when I got a called where I was told that I was given an opportunity to work for LEAD as Social Media Intern where I was boosted even more. There my journey started in a different way.

During LEAD Valedictory, when I was busy covering the event. All of sudden there was an announcement which said that there are few LEAD social media people who have been working hard and are now so well recognized which was followed by my name. That was such an amazing moment receiving the award from LEAD CEO Mr. Naveen Jha. I was overwhelmed as my efforts were appreciated and recognized

I would continue working as LEADer and serve my efforts to the foundation for betterment of it

Written by-Amruth S

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