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My story: Rakesh Kulkarni (BIET, Davangere)


Ever since my childhood, I knew that I wanted to grow up and do something good for society.   Specifically, I had always dreamed of establishing a house for beggars.  But I faced a big challenge in that I used to have trouble speaking freely with people.  I realized that my shyness was an obstacle that I would eventually need to overcome if I wanted to advance in my life, but I was not aware of how I could develop myself.

During my first week of college at BIET, I attended a LEAD orientation program.  After the orientation program, I learned about LEAD and how so many students are growing and becoming LEADers.  I thought back to my dream of building a home for beggars.  I saw LEAD as a great opportunity for personal growth.

Since joining LEAD, I’ve completed two projects, and one is currently in progress.  After just completing one project, I noticed so many changes in my character.  My senses of time management, people management, and my ability to convince people really improved.  My first project was an old clothes collection.  For this project, I formed and managed a team of 13 other LEADers.  I then divided my team into smaller groups and set up a schedule and timeline.  We also publicized and promoted the event through pamphlet distributions and Facebook.  My team and I visited every single home in the colony of Vidyanagar, Davangere and asked people to donate secondhand clothes to give to local old age homes and orphanages.  My project was successful; the clothes we collected were able to benefit 200 people from throughout six old age homes and orphanages.  My project was even covered in three newspapers.  My initiative also encouraged 20 new students to join LEAD and generate project ideas.

I used my second opportunity to combine my singing talent with helping society.  I conducted a singing competition for young government school children.  Since these children usually do not get much exposure to other activities outside of academics, I wanted to give them a platform to help them discover their hidden talents.

I am currently working on a project to help clean up a river and spread environmental awareness in a river area nearby a temple.

I am really grateful for the support and encouragement LEAD has given me to help me grow.  After joining LEAD, I feel so happy and proud of myself; I feel like I’ve done something in my life.  I feel powerful.

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