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My story: Rahul Aursang( BLDEA College, Vijayapur)


I believe taking initiatives and challenges is necessary to become a LEADer.  

During my early college days, I used to be silent, shy and used to hesitate in beginning a conversation with less acquainted people but at the same time I was ambitious and wanted to achieve great things in life. I knew that to be successful in life one needs to be a good communicator. Therefore, while I was looking for opportunities to improve myself, I got to know about LEAD from my friends who were working on innovative projects for LEAD. I was attracted by the concept of LEAD for obvious reasons.

I did three major projects in LEAD. The first one was Celebration of Mother’s Day. On Mother’s day which is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, I with my team mates visited an Old age home and  interacted with the mothers who were far away from their children. After interaction with them, we also distributed sweets to them. We had a good time chatting and listening to their life and routine at old age home. By the end of the day we felt happy for having spent a meaningful day with old people who have contributed immensely to the society during their prime days.

After the success of my first project, I took up the second project of Swaach Bhaarat as I wanted to contribute to Modi’s  dream of clean India. As wise men say, follow before you preach. I and my team mates cleaned our college campus. Along with cleaning we also made charts which stress upon cleanliness and we pasted it on our college walls and notice boards spreading awareness to keep the country clean. My College Principal appreciated our efforts and congratulated our team for our initiative towards building healthier and cleaner India.

My recent project was Signature Campaign to stop Goo Hatya (Cow Slaughter). Cows are sacred in our country and they serve mankind all through their life. So, I wanted to stop the slaughtering of cow and I took the initiative to get 5000 signatures from the citizens of Vijayapur location to stop Cow Slaughtering in Karnataka.

I got the signatures from various institutions, temples and in my neighborhood. I also distributed the forms to my friends who in turn gave it to their friends and collected signatures from people who believed that slaughtering of cow should be banned.  I faced lot of challenges during the execution of this project  as people were reluctant to co-operate as they were skeptical about the process. Convincing them was a real challenge. However die to our hard work , we were successful in getting 5000 signatures from people in just 6 days.

LEAD projects gave me confidence and taught me the knacks of handling a team. Being closely related to LEAD also got me an opportunity to work as social Media Intern for LEAD. The internship at LEAD has improved my written skills too. Overall LEAD has made me a new person by unleashing the leadership potential within me. It has instilled enthusiasm and a new energy in me.


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