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My story: Manoj Barigali (SKSVMACET, Laxmeshwar)


Before joining LEAD, I can say, with certainty, that I was in the darkness because I hadn’t reached my potential.  I especially struggled with communication.  After having completed three projects and winning an award for “Best Active Coordinator” at LEAD Valedictory in May of 2013, I now confidently consider myself as a real leader.

Each project I have completed has further inspired me to improve upon my leadership qualities. The project I am most proud of is my Health Camp Checkup at Old Age Home. I was concerned about the treatment that elderly people were receiving at old age homes, The elderly were not experiencing a homely environment. We all know that our dear parents are the main backbone of our life. As we grow older, we neglect them, which leads them to live in a home called an “old age home”. After parents move into an old age home, their children won’t come back to see them. To help with this, I organized a health checkup camp at an old age home called Shanthi Dhama that houses 40 elderly people.  My health camp provided medicine to help people with serious diseases such as Diabetes, high blood pressure, and Gangrene.

Additionally, I convinced several of the families to relocate their elderly family members back to their homes. I decided to further my personal development by taking on the responsibility of Student Coordinator for LEAD at my college. As Coordinator, I help younger LEAD members generate new project ideas, discuss potential obstacles, and come up with a way to overcome these obstacles. I then will provide whatever support is required to help the students implement their projects.

Since becoming active in LEAD, I can now easily approach people, communicate messages to them, and convince them of my perspective. From balancing my roles as a LEADer, LEAD Student Coordinator, and an engineering student, I have been able to develop my handling capacity; namely, my time management and organizational skills. Being in LEAD has really helped me change. It means a lot to me because LEAD always gave me good encouragement and supported me with everything that I did

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