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My Story: Manjunath Gogi(KLEIT Hubballi)


Hi, I am Manjunath Gogi. I began my LEAD journey in theNovember of 2012 and since then it has been a constant learning experience of over 3 years. When I think about how it all began, the first thing that strikes me is that I was always passionate and involved about my technical ideas and
wanted to work with them. However, the urge to join LEAD arose only after I began watching my enthusiastic friends who stayed busy with different LEAD projects. Soon I joined LEAD and got a good platform from where I could pitch my ideas and also could get involved in the social issues. After joining LEAD, over time my ideas and thoughts over the various issues, my perspective to see things and eventually my mindset at large has changed.
I have done three social projects in LEAD and out of these three; I would like to talk about one. It is about giving security helpline number to women. I believe that women should be always respected and seeing them getting eve teased and harassed bothered me. I wanted to do something. So I took a step and launched my first project ‘Women Security Protocol’. I talked to a women association near my home about my idea and intention behind this project and they agreed to help me out. The women from the associati
on gathered on the 8th of March 2013, the International Women’s Day. On the very day, with the help of these women and the police authorities, I re-launched a security helpline number for the women in the area of Navanagar. This would not have been possible if the women association, Mr. H.D. Kulkarni (C.P.I. of Navanagar Police Station) and Mr. I.M. Dundasi (P.S.I of Navanagar Police Station) had not supported, encouraged and stood by me. The helpline number is 0836-2233512.

                                           At Talaash 2014 with LEAD Functional Head Mr. Ajay Suman Shukla
My biggest accomplishment in my LEAD journey has been starting Talaash. Having a dream is not a big deal but achieving it is what matters! I wanted to organize a technical event and came up with the idea ‘TALAASH’. The event was meant for the students pursuing engineering and diploma course. The participants were required to prepare a prototype model and the best innovative and commercial viable projects will get seed capital for its execution. The main motto of the event was to transform the student into an entrepreneur using his or her own idea. It was both my biggest dream as well as challenge. Since it was being organized for the first time, I faced many setbacks at the beginning but with the help of my mentors and my teammates I came through those setbacks and achieved success. I started alone but later a lot of people joined me one by one and we had a great team at the end. The biggest challenge was still to get the sponsorship.

Amidst many negative responses, the first positive response came in form of Mr. Sasishekar Krish (Founder and CEO, nanoPix) who agreed to sponsor the event with Rs. 1.5 Lakhs. It brought a new zeal within me and helped me to move forward. I began working harder. Later on I approached Dr. B.S. Anami, the Principal of my college with our LEAD coordinator Madhumati Madam and my principal agreed to host the event in our college. Thus, my college became hosting partner of our event ‘TALAASH’ and we finally ended up raising a sponsorship of Rs.177,500/-.
Thereafter, our next milestone was to get registrations of 50+ projects. At the beginning, we had only 10 registrations which made us worried. But later on with the help of Dr. B.S Anami, we finally reached 57 registrations from the different parts of the state.
TALAASH ’14 gave a good platform to over 225 students, and also venture capital of Rs. 40,000 to two projects, Rs. 25,000 to two more projects and Rs.15, 000 to one more project.
Finishing the event successfully was not the end for me, it was the starting step which made me test my abilities to the extinct. I started working with the winning teams of Talaash’14 and helped them to start their company. Now, that winning team named CAKEBOARD has already started their company. (

On stage with the judges at Talaash 2015
The success of Talaash ’14 triggered me to start it again. Team TALAASH and I started it again. This time we aimed for a bigger target; 4 times larger than Talaash’14… and we successfully reached the target! Even this time, Mr. Sasishekar Krish (Founder and CEO, nanoPix) sponsored for the prize money, which was Rs. 3,00,000/- total.
TALAASH had received 200 applications/ideas from 23 different cities and 37 different colleges’ across Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Greater Noida, Delhi, Maharashtra, and Telangana. Out of 200, top 85 ideas were shortlisted for the second round, and the top 30 teams were further selected to showcase their prototype in the final event on 7th May at KLEIT, Hubballi.

Top 3 Ideas were chosen among all the presented ideas. They were awarded with a seed fund of Rs. 1,00,000/- each from nanoPix Company and incubation support from Deshpande Foundation’s Sandbox Startups.

At LEAD Prayana 2015:

Through LEAD, I have had many other great opportunities. I have taken part in LLP 2014 and LEAD Prayana 2015. My experience in LLP in 2014 helped me get the idea for Talaash, and then in Prayana in 2015, I got the motivation to execute it. Both of these LEAD opportunities were amazing, but in different ways. LLP was very helpful for me in terms of skills development, and Prayana was immensely inspiring!

At Yuva Summit 2016:

I was a speaker at LEAD Talks and shared my leadership story with the crowd of 500 attendees, including my peers and special guests. It was my first experience doing major public speaking, and it was a tremendous learning opportunity for me.


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