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My Story: Manish Noola(Jain College, Belgaum)


I completed diploma and started working at a company in Chennai. During my stay of 1.5 years at Chennai, I realized the Industrial needs. While facing interviews and on observing peers, I used to feel “I should also develop leadership skills to take initiatives and face challenges”

Later in August 2014, I thought of going for higher studies and joined Engineering course at Jain College of Engineering, Belgaum.  At my college, I noticed a group of people with blue t-shirts involved in an activity. It made me curious to know about them and fortunately, 2-3 days later, we got an official notice to attend the orientation of LEAD. I went to the hall with great enthusiasm and to my surprise; the same group of people I had noticed earlier were present and were introducing LEAD. In the orientation session, motivational videos were also shown to us and other Leaders shared their experience. It was interesting and inspiring to see students of my age leading from the front.

After a week, we had a brain-storming session and my journey with LEAD started. They guided us to decide a task and complete it by the weekend. I observed that the bus stand near railway station was dirty. Hence, I decided with my team to clean and paint it. We took the permission from authorities and successfully executed it. We received appreciation from many people and on that day I even gave an interview to local media. I was elated.

After the success of my first project, I started taking several initiatives such as session to HIV-affected kids at Spandana Nandan Makkal Dham to bring smiles on their face and make them realize that they are also part of the society.

Next initiative, I took was instilling patriotism among people by gathering them, discussing the greatness of the country and singing our National Anthem. I did this at public places. The objective of this initiative was to make people patriotic as patriotism is rarely found outside school and college campus. 

After experiencing and understanding the benefits of being a LEADer. My thirst for leadership knowledge increased. Hence I decided to become a part of Lead Prayana 2015. My joy knew no bounds as I cleared the interview and started LEAD Prayana. True to its name, it was a leadership journey where the journey was a mixture of fun, learning, and execution. It gave me friends, memories, and values. The role models, speakers throughout journey inspired me. It kindled the spark in me to do something innovative. After Prayana, I completed 4 projects including a technical project. I have also guided/ inspired around 3-4 friends to be part of Lead and to make the best utilization of it.

LEAD has improved me in several ways and I have learned valuable qualities.  To mention a few:

•The way of communicating with people

•Taking initiatives and executing them

•Addressing  group of people

•Planning and prioritizing

•Ethical values
I am glad to have become a part of LEAD.  I hope to work hard on my dreams and use my leadership skills to achieve more in my life. I want to give my best to my mother country and my people.


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