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No doubt they cannot speak our language,but this girl can hear their grief..!!


My compassion towards my fellow beings .

   LEADer Divya Hiremath of KLEMSSCET Belagavi is a person with immense care  and consideration to the fellow creatures.She observed the difficulty that the birds face during summers .Most of the water of the water sources for them are dried hence they keep wandering for water in order  to quench their thirst.

This made Divya to take up an initiative to help out birds this summer .She along with her teams collected waste bottles and kept two containers in them.They filled the containers with grains and water and hung them around in various parts of the city.

Well this project was not just for a day .They had a talk with all the people at the implementation spot and explained to them their vision.She also requested them to keep refilling the containers as and as and  when possible.

The crowd also responded very positively.Everybody appreciated the thought that in growing in young students and their sympathy towards the birds .The children of the locality also participated actively.The challenge faced as a part of this project was to convince the people about the motive and talk about how thier little contribution could make lives easy and beautiful for their fellow creatures .
With this initiative they could reach to 250+ people and explain them the needs of  the birds .

LEADer Divya says this was an an awareness project where people’s attention was drawn to a problem that sounds small but actually isn’t .She expresses her satisfaction and happiness in doing this project and plans on continuing her efforts to contribute as much as she can for the society and the fellow creatures.

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