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Mission: grooming LEADers


LEAD workshops are one of the main activities of LEAD. These workshops are conducted throughout the year focusing on the development of young LEADers. These LEADers are trained on various levels so as to work efficiently. One such workshop was organised at Vasavi college at Challakere. Around 60 LEADers gathered at the workshop.

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-04 at 8.55.14 PMThe workshop began with an introductory activity. These activities help the LEADers in knowing each other well. Since the LEADers are all new to each other, ice-breaking activities were conducted. Mr. Absar Patel overlook the activities conducted and made sure that the LEADers have enough fun with learning. To increase the outcome of the workshop, every activity circled around team-building, a very important aspect for every LEADer.


The basis of a LEAD workshop is the exchange and generation of new ideas. Every LEADer shares his/her ideas in improving the society and all of the LEADers work on the idea to make it an actual success story. The LEADers at this workshop showed constant enthusiasm throughout the workshop. The workshop contained students who have worked on multiple projects such as Awareness to celebrate eco-friendly Ganesha Chaturthi where the people are brought to awareness of the harmful effects of the chemicals used in making Ganesha idols and thus are asked to shift to eco-friendly alternatives such as using the biodegradable Ganesha idols. Other projects include the awareness of cashless transaction, book keeping ledgers etc. The LEADers have also gathered to solve many problems that the locality faces.

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