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Menstrual Awareness – Every Girls Right


Women are the beautiful creation of God. They complete the society. A caring mother, an adorable sister, a loving wife and a precious daughter. Beauty of every women is not in her facial mode but the true beauty of every women is reflected in her soul. Without them our existence is impossible. Women has a greatest gift of giving birth to a new life. Mother is someone who brings us in this world and teaches us the lessons to lead life. Thus motherhood is greater than all natural laws. So menstrual cycle becomes part of her life.

Menstrual AwarenessEvery girl should know about this natural and biological process of her life. Unfortunately our society is so narrow minded that we rarely talk about it. Thus children tend to believe in so many myths about menstruation. Girls in the village do not have proper education about menstrual hygiene. Parents or even teachers do not talk openly with them and solve their problems. Learning this problem LEADers of Deshpande Koutilya Fellowship Program took an appreciable initiative to address this problem.

Menstrual awareness
Leaders teaching Yoga to girls

LEADers conducted awareness project in 4 government schools of Gokul, Tarihal, Bairidevarkoppa, and Unkel. These are the villages near Hubli. 10 LEADers divided themselves in to two groups and conducted the activity separately for boys and girls in order to make them comfortable. They addressed the students from standard 6th to standard 10th. Leader Bhavani, Vijaylaxmi, Akshata P, Nikita, Jayashree, and Soujanya conducted workshop on menstrual awareness and its hygiene. They explained the girls about the important reasons to maintain good hygiene during periods to reduce the risk of infections, use of sanitary napkins instead of dirty cloths, regular change of sanitary napkins etc.

Menstrual Awareness
Awareness through videos

They played some related videos to get girls in the comfortable zones. “Girls were very reluctant and hesitating when we started talking about this topic”, says LEADer Bhavani. LEADers also explained the students about the food habits they need to follow during these days. They taught them some yoga postures in order to overcome the pain of menstruation. Meanwhile LEADer Abdul, Pavan, Ankush and Yuvaraj took session to boys. Students were given awareness about the importance of personal hygiene, Principles of discipline and importance of moral values. They also conducted some fun learning games and activities to the students. They were successful in benefiting more than 2100 students.

Menstrual Awareness
Different activities were performed

As coin always has two sides, there were some challenges faced by the LEADers as well as learnings. Initially getting permission from the school authorities was a problem but leaders convinced the teachers with the proper explanation of the initiative. Leaders received good support from the staff and appreciated the Leaders for their great contribution to the children’s learnings. They also learnt unique methods to convince the student’s minds effectively. There is need for the broader mindset of the people in order to have positive growth in the society.

Written By: Vaishnavi N Patil

Mail Id: vaishnavinpatil6@gmail.com

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