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LEAD Proud Alumnus- Manish Noola


“To speak about my journey with LEAD, it has improved me in several ways. When I thought something was missing in my life, LEAD showed me what it is” says Mr. Manish Noola. 

Mr. Manish Noola is from Dharwad who was working in Ashok Leyland company in Hosur, Tamilnadu after completing his diploma. In his 1.5 working years at Chennai he realised the importance of education, practical exposure and skill sets. While speaking about his experience at job he said, “I used to feel the necessity of higher education and developing the leadership skills so that I could take initiatives and face challenges”. Finally after a lot of thinking in the year 2014 Manish took a step towards his further education in Jain College of Engineering, Belagavi for Bachelor’s of Engineering.

In the earlier days he saw few students in blue T- Shirts and that moment created amusement in his mind and that’s where everything changed in Manish’s life. After 2-3 days luckily he got attend an orientation in his college from LEAD where he observed those same students who were wearing those blue T- Shirts the other day. In that orientation he saw motivational videos and heard a few experiences from students who were called as LEADers. Most interesting yet inspiring fact to see was how his age students were leading the event. 

With the brain storming session in the next week his LEAD journey started. In that brainstorming session faculties guided everyone to decide a task and complete it by weekend. Meanwhile he observed a bus stand near the railway station which was dirty. So he decided to clean and paint it with a team. In this campaign he also shared awareness about clean surrounding among the locals. Manish and his team got appreciation from surroundings which built confidence in him to take more initiatives.

After the success of the first project he lead projects such as spending time with HIV affected kids at Spandana Nandan Makkal Dham to bring smiles on their faces by making them realize they are also part of our society. He continued his leadership experiences by instilling patriotism in locality. Manish did this project in public places by gathering and discussing the greatness of the country with them. The motto behind this initiative was to create realisation of being patriotic among the people. 

Once you get attached to something your thrust for it increases day by day and the same thing happened with Mr. Manish Noola. After experiencing and understanding the benefits of being a LEADer Manish decided to join LEADership journey, LEAD Prayana in the year 2015. Considering the selection criteria manish’s joy knew no bounds as he had cleared the interview and started his LEADership journey. True to its name, it was a leadership journey where the journey was a mixture of fun, learning and execution. The 15 days journey gave me friends, memories and values. The role models, speakers throughout journey inspired Manish. It kindled the spark in him to do something innovative.

After coming back from Prayana Manish had no intention to stop. He was determined to be innovative and to contribute to the development of society in every possible way. In that same excitement he joined LEAD social media team as an intern where he got a chance to spread the good word about initiatives of LEADers on various platforms such as facebook, instagram and twitter. Through this internship he contributed to make a blog of the initiatives taken by LEADers. “This internship was a great learning opportunity for me,” says Mr. Noola. Along with this internship he completed 4 projects including one technical project. After attending Prayana he was confident enough to inspire and to guide around 15 students to be part of LEAD. Also he has led a team of 10-12 interns as a part of social media intern.   

One of the best initiatives after Prayana was fixing potholes on the main roads of Belagavi. In the year 2016 Manish came across with few road accidents and deaths. The main reason of the road accidents were the pot holes. They approached the officials to fix those potholes but they did not respond at the beginning. After continuous efforts for almost 3 days PWD fixed those holes with mud. But that was not enough as it did not help to reduce the accidents. Fixing potholes with mud could have been done by LEADers too but the problem needed proper solution. Manish went to Belagavi DC right after which PWD fixed those patholes with tar.

After getting success in this project Manish understood the importance of follow ups. He cherishes the experience of this initiative as it gave him a lot of learning and a sense of accomplishment. LEADership is seen in action. Manish was selected as a co-organiser to lead the Prayana route 2 in Nizamabad, Telangana. Taking 40-50 excited LEADers to new places, organising and building team activities for 15 days was a new learning and memorable experience for him. After attending two leadership journeys he attended 10 days residential camp, LEAD LEADership Camp at Deshpande Foundation, Hubli. The uniquness of the camp is that it gives an opportunity to stay with around 40 like minded individulas for 10 days. This camp is well known as LLP which pushes LEADers to learn many basic skills like networking, communication, daily relflections and etc. 

LEAD doesnt only enhances the ability of LEADers but also provides various opportunities. When Manish was part of LEAD social media team, the team got a chance to cover International event, Yuva Summit and Development Dialogue- Nizamabad, LEAD events etc. Through this opportunity Manish had a deep understanding of digital marketing, event management. 

LEAD has given many opportunities to improve Manish’s skills. One of the opportunities was being part of the organizing team of a technical event, LEAD TALAASH. This event opened doors for understanding concept of startups, entrepreneurship, execution of ideas and management. Manish’s LEAD journey was filled with memorable experiences where he got friends for lifetime and enough tips to live a better life. 

 To sum up all, LEAD has improved Manish in several ways and few of them are: 

  • Communication Skills
  • Initiating and executing innovative ideas
  • Addressing the crowd i.e. stage courage
  • Planning and prioritizing 
  • Ethical values. 

After giving million dollar opportunities to LEADers, LEAD appreciates those who work hard to help the society, steps up to bring change in society. Mr. Manish Noola was awarded as the most promising LEADer. Also, he was appriciated a few times for taking responsibilities in social media team. These appreciations motivated Manish to keep doing good work.

When Manish completed his graducation from Jain College of Engineering, Belgaum Manish joined NanoPix. Currently he is working as a Product Engineer. Still his love and respect towards nation is as same as it was at the begining of joining LEAD. Along with his profession as an engineer, Manish is passionate towards travelling. He believes in following his heart to have a succesful and happy life. Even after joining as an employee he tries to be part of LEAD and Deshpande Foundation. He is willing to work with the same enthusiasm for the rest of his life.  

Mr. Manish says, “Time which has been invested in taking initiatives is really worth. Being part of LEAD one can utilise his energy to bring change in society. All these initiatives might give you an insight about working ways of government. Also it might enlighten one about the basic needs and missing eductional facilities of the society. I am very sure that, in this journey of LEAD everyone will create golden memories to cherish in the later part of life”. 

LEAD is very proud to have promising LEADers such as Mr. Manish Noola. LEAD family wishes the best life ahead.  

Written By: Nilima Jangam



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