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Making of PAN Cards for people


Helpfulness is doing things for others that money can’t buy. It takes little extra effort and lot of goodness to help others. It may not make much difference in our lives but it can create a huge difference in others’ lives. One such example is given by LEADer Shoaib Suhail. He is a student of MMNDC Chitradurga who has so far filled 1600 forms of PAN Cards of villagers.

Filling the application of PAN Cards
LEADer Shoaib filling the application form of PAN Card

Yes you read right. Shoaib has helped 700 people to get their PAN Cards and has filled 1600 forms till now which will be received soon. He has covered nearly 10 villagers and helping them to get their PAN cars within 12 to 20 days of the application. PAN (Permanent Account Number) is a 10 character digital alphabetic number, issued to all judicial in the form of a laminated card by the Indian income tax department. Quoting of PAN Card is mandatory for any communication with income tax department like opening a new bank account, filing income tax return, New mobile phone connection, purchase of foreign currency bank deposits above rupees 50,000/- and above, etc.

Leaders taking the details from the villagers
Leaders taking the details from the villagers

Shoaib found that most of the villagers are unaware of the procedures of issuing the PAN cars. Since they are uneducated and not aware of the correct procedure they were being cheated by the agents who help them to make PAN cards. The actual cost of the whole procedure is 120Rs. But the agents take 350 from the farmers who don’t know about it. Some people are in such pathetic condition that they don’t have 350 to pay for the PAN card so they paid the agents from their Bank loan amount because it is necessary for any bank loans. There were also fooled by some cunning people that they would issue their PAN cards but flee away after taking the money form these villagers.

It is rightly said that keep putting out good. It will come back to you unexpected ways. Shoaib is working on this project from past 6 months and is willing to continue for coming days. His main target is to reach 5000 people. Shoaib has received BEST LEADer award for this project in the Yuva Summit 2019 held at Hubli.

Best Leader award
Best Leader award at Yuva summit 2091


Written By: Vaishnavi N Patil

Mail Id: vaishnavinpatil6@gamil.com

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