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“A Patriot shows his Patriotism by his Actions.” is the one of the great saying of the General Vijay Kumar Singh. We are somewhere lagging patriotism. This advantage is taken by the other countries. Meanwhile china provides Pakistan the unconditional support in many international stages. Even we had a URI attack and we know who was behind it, there is an old saying, “When mouse laughs at a cat, there is a hole nearby” In recent 2016 china denied the entry of India to Nuclear Supplier Group (NSG). The countries like India, Philippines and Vietnam have called for Boycott of Chinese goods. There is decision to Boycott Chinese products due to the territorial conflicts involving china, support for separatist movement from china. We are buying the Chinese product and providing them a funding, we ourselves are providing a reason behind a countryman’s death. As Rabindranath Tagore said “I will not buy glass for price of diamonds, and I will never allow patriotism to triumph over the humanity”. As we know china is exporting the cheap goods, which are hazardous to health and even environment. We are feeding the country who is not only spreading its junk all over the world, but also killing the domestic market and the local industries.


WhatsApp Image 2017-08-14 at 12.54.33 PMLeaders don’t create followers they create more Leaders. One such a LEADer Chethan Kumar pursuing 2nd year engineering at K.L.S Gogte Institute of Technology, Belgaum, created a 10 membered group. He truly believed that each one of them is a LEADer. They all shared the same views; they had the common idea about the recent crisis. They wanted to promote Indian goods and spread awareness to boycott the Chinese goods.  Their college bought the handmade lamps from the handicapped people. These Dias were provided to the group. Chethan and his group marketed these handmade Indian goods. As well said, “Sales grow up and Services stays forever” the service to those handicapped people will stay forever. “A business that makes nothing more than money is a poor business” so did this team not only made money but also made happiness to handicapped people, awareness about hazardous Chinese products , promoted Indian goods and showed their patriotism too. Well we can say they added a drop to ocean.


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They marketed these lamps at nearby areas. They needed to convince people a lot. Later they visited one of their friend’s factory and gave the lamps over there. They earned 5000/-Rs that day. They spoke to people and spread the awareness too. They also took another  step.  They gave the collected money to the college, and now they are going to fit the water purifier in the government schools with that amount. They brought smiles on domestic good makers and promoted the products and showed the true patriotism. I think patriotism is like a charity that begins at home



challenges faced include  convincing people, as the product was quite costly. But as they started to convince harder later they felt it easier. No work is impossible, it may take time but it is possible, we should change our plans and not the goal they truly learned it. Here’s a ridiculous fact but the truth, China imports only 0.8% of its total imports whereas the India imports 12.4% of its total import from china. When you buy their goods, do keep in mind you are snatching bread from one of your countryman’s mouth and giving it to china.”MAKE IN INDIA” was most recent slogan we all shouted together. It’s time to make India wake up and be aware. We have to nourish to flourish.

Written by: Neha Thigale

Email id: thigaleneha17@gmail.com


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