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Once in a lifetime experience to unleash my potentials – Anuttara Sharma


IMG-20171217-WA0009I, Anuttara Sharma, a Prayanee of 2017 for whom it was once in a lifetime experience to unleash my potential and train myself for the best with a bunch of the best. I was notified of the journey just a few days after joining LEAD which had put me in a situation of confusion and eagerness, but inspired by my mentors I decided to join them in this wonderful 3000km long tour.

This power packed journey filled me with excitement, commitment towards my tasks and rather taught me many skills by which I got to know myself in a better way. I am a kind of silent observer which helped me understand things wisely and in overcoming the barriers of interaction with people from different parts of the country and the barriers of language and lifestyle in an unknown place.

IMG-20171217-WA0008One of the most memorable thing of my journey is dancing to the songs which were far away from our understanding and language, this thing taught me to be happy in the happiness of others and to my life to the fullest.

Along with all the fun and enjoyment I learnt to find ways to interact with people who didnt even understand my language. By ways of nookunatak my group and I explained the importance of digitization to the people at Dharmasthala when they all collected for the evening aarti. The show turned out to be a blast and a feeling of satisfaction resided in the hearts of all of us participants.

Every activity conducted or even the punishments faced by us taught me a lesson for life. Every second spent had a meaning and something to learn.

The interaction with the role models was a pleasure. The meeting with the Vice President of Infosys Mr.Kamath was a delightful one ,the way he explained the evolution of the company and taking the round of the whole campus was a dream coming true for me.

These days were worth living and I would suggest everyone to grab this chance and live these days to the fullest.

The few words said by Deshpande sir on the first day provided an attitude and viewpoint of the journey, he said This journey would be a mirror as well as a window.

Written by: Stuti Verma

Email: stutiverma1998@gmail.com

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