LEADers Sumitra constructs houses


Chikodi Is a small village of 40,000 people in Karnataka not far from Belgaum. The LEAD mentor is this area is a lady by the name of Vishaka. Vishaka is passionate about these students and dreams of giving the children of this village more opportunities by exposing them to LEAD. In the area of Chikodi, there are over 200 LEADers. This city although small has had quite the impact over the 2018 year.

Internationally there is a housing crisis leaving many global citizens without homes. This epidemic also affects Indian citizens. As a global society, we have made great strides to ensure no one sleeps on the street or lacks a home, but we still have a considerable distance before this problem is eradicated.

A LEADer from Kuthali was tired of seeing families on the street and decided to do something about this problem. LEADer Sumitra decided that she would build a home for the chronicle homeless. One question arose, who would make the houses and who would pay for the constructions. With the help of the local Gram Panchayat and the LEAD program, she was able to acquire all the required resources to construct these homes.

Each of the 15 homes cost approximately INR 1,20,000 equalling to INR 18,00,000. This act was able to take 15 struggling families off of the streets and provide them with a tremendous opportunity. The family now how one less thing to worry about and can focus on giving a fitting life for their offspring. The families were grateful to the student.

The burden of homelessness is not something that will disappear without a humanitarian approach to the problem. There are external factors that can be the cause of homelessness the myth of laziness is not a true nor an acceptable theory. It is not solely the burden of those who are homeless but the responsibility of everyone to fix. With LEADers like Sumitra maybe we might reach the goal of a homeless free world.

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