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LEADership symposium gets the best move


At the LEADership Symbposium, Dr. Deshpande urged the student as well as the faculty to take a curious and innovative approach in learning and teaching. When Dr. Deshpande was asked, “What’s your turning point in life”, he responded with, “I’m still turning”.
The LEADership Symposium on May 26-27 was organized in KLEIT, Hubli and KLECET, Belgaum to provide students an opportunity to interact with Dr Gururaj Deshpande. The LEADership Symposium was full of energy as the leader Mr. Gururaj Deshpande spoke to the students about leadership and answered the curious young minds. The meet at KLEIT, Hubli saw an interesting session as the students presented their projects and shared their learning and experience. As soon as the floor opened for discussion, questions sprung out from the pool of enthusiastic students who wished to know the difference between leadership and entrepreneurship. Dr. Deshpande brought into light the concept of four terms namely Innovator, Entrepreneur, Leader and a Manager and the roles he has assumed so far.

Talk on innovation and leadership with faculties
The spirit of the series took to new heights in Belgaum, as the students and faculty members participated with much vigor and enthusiasm. Mr. Naveen Jha added to the thought provoking session as he spoke about being passionate in life. He left the crowd in amusement to wonder how a Bollywood movie and the game of IPL instill passion in the audience to go and watch it. The LEADership Symposium marked a great beginning and a cherishing end.

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