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LEAD with Golden People


As the technology is increasing unanimously it has given humans, the wings to reach the moon but it has failed miserably in making him connect with people of his own house.  Selfishness has grown to such an extent that he has forgotten his emotions. One simple example for this in our society is the increasing numbers of Old age homes.

One such Old age home exists in the Challikere called Sri Manya, where nearly 20 old people are stay, who are striving for the love at their old days. What more does our parents expect from us? They just say “Grow with us as our skin gets wrinkled and hairs turn gray, all we wish to have is a happy family filled with laughter at our old age” and what children do is just leave them in old age homes to suffer. Our LEADers from Government first grade College, Molkalmuru decided to their best help these people and make their lives little better.

LEADer Vijeetha. M. Y. and Vandana K along with 50 other  students started the project called LEAD with Golden People. They went to their localities and started collecting Funds, Cloths and grocery for the old age home. Sri Manya is a non-government organization which works for the old people. The organization runs through the funds given by the people. The students were successful in collecting for about 50,000/- Rs. fund, cloth and grocery for the organization. They also went door to door asking for any kind of help which people were ready to do for these people.  The students visited the organization often and gave fruits to the people present there. They also spent time and tried to cheer them up with the hope that they were not alone anymore.

The students share that it’s a great feeling to see the happiness in those old eyes. It feels amazing to be with them and see them smile. Never day’s people are getting richer by earning money but he is remaining poor by becoming selfish. They pledged that they would never repeat such inhuman act of sending their parents to the Old age homes. After the project LEADers took classes and orientations to the juniors in their college about how to treat the parents at their old age and never to send them to the old age homes.

The main challenge they faced is during the collection of funds. Recently the flood had occurred and may people had collected the funds at the same time. People scolded the LEADers when they asked for funds for the old age home. But our students tackled this problem by convincing the people by explaining them about the Sri Manya organization. They say that this project has helped them to learn teamwork, Leadership qualities, patience and communication.

Home is where love resides, memories are created with friends and family, and laughter never ends. I request you all to build one such home for you but never forget to include your parents in it who brought you to this world. The LEADers say that “Love your parents, treat them with love and care because you will understand their situation when you stand in that position”.  Hats off to LEADers for their work. We are proud of you.

Written By: Vaishnavi N Patil

Email Id: vaishnavinpatil6@gmail.com

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