LEAD Valedictory 2019- Hubballi


The day at Deshpande Foundation, Hubballi began with full of energy and enthusiasm in all LEADers, who had been planning and preparing for this day from months. The whole foundation was flooded with blue army and the energy was visible in the air. The LEAD Valedictory 2019 hit a grand opening with project showcase of 22 selected impactful project stories. The blood donation camp in association with Sha Damaji Jadavji Cheddar Memorial Rastrottana blood bank, Hubballi and Eye donation pledge in association with SGM eye bank was conducted simultaneously. The staff and the students volunteered willingly and inspired others to be part of this change. 44 units of blood was collected and 47 people pledged for eye donation in only 4 hours. The senior program manager Mr. Abhinandan Kavale broke the ice between students by addressing the gathering and the LEAD volunteers carried out some activities with all the students followed by the jiving because they believe in none are as old as those who have outlived enthusiasm.  The students then moved to the main auditorium to attend the awarding ceremony of LEADers.

The program was well started with a welcoming the audience followed escorting the dignitaries to the dais. LEADer Sonali and LEADer Pooja welcomed the C guest of honors. Mr. Sangappa H Mittalkod, (Retd) Principal District and Sessions Judge, Raichur, Mr. Jagadessha L Belagali, General Manager-Tech, HESCOM, Mr. Sanjay Kotabagi,  Dean, Student Welfare, KLE Technological University, Dr. Nitin Kulkarni,  Director, CTIE  KLE Technolical University, Mr. V. V. Patil,  Principal of K. L. E. Society’s Shri mrityunjaya college of Arts, Commerce and BBA, Dharwad, Ms.  Jyothi Maned, Principal of K. L. E. Society’s Bachelor of Computer Application and Mr. Vivek Pawar, CEO- Deshpande Foundation, CEO- Deshpande Foundation were the guests of honor for this function. They started the function by watering the plants and encouraging the students with a message of green India.

The event was followed by LEAD talk. LEAD talk is an activity of LEADers sharing about the learning and the changes they have adapted in their life through the LEAD platform. LEADers spoke about the learning and the changes they have adapted in their life through LEAD platform.   They came forward and inspired the students with their learnings and experiences. LEADer Sharan Pradeep is perusing specialization in Criminology and Forensic Science. He explained about his project, Mental Health and how important it is in keeping the society healthy. He said, “Youth should be detached from the gadgets in order to maintain mental health. Youths are connected to each other through cellphone rather than personally, mental health should be prioritized as equally as physical health”. LEADer Pragati was very excited to share her memories of Lead LEADership Program 2018. She said, “Starting the journey in the camp from being strangers with the fellow LEADers and then parting as a family. That is the bond she developed in the camp”. She says she can see a better version of herself after attending the camp. Next, LEADer Sonali who was also a part of LEAD LEADership Program 2018 proudly said that “Having the quality is not enough. Using them properly is important and LEAD has given her such platform”. LEADer Manjula was happy to share the experiences of her transformation from a book worm who used to score 95% marks but zero practical knowledge, to a confident LEADer who can face any number of crowd. LEADer Nisarga, the student of Deshpande Skill Gurukul explained her adventurous journey of LEAD Prayana and left the audience excited to join on this journey in coming years. LEADer Sneha left everyone in tears as she let out her heart and burst into tears while sharing her journey of LEAD.

The crowd was left surprised with the impact report which was shared by Ms. Anisha Cardoza, Program Manager, LEAD. The report said that 1701 LEADers from 15 colleges are associated with LEAD. 4467 projects were proposed and 2667 in total were implemented in the Hubballi area. Many interactive camps and workshops were organised to spread the word about LEAD.  And the most awaited and dream journey of LEADers was held from January 21 to February 4. 120 students, including 5 from the Hubballi area, participated in this Leadership journey. The main event of the year, Yuva summit was held on February 2nd at the Deshpande Skill Gurukul, with the theme “Inspire, Innovate, Engage”. 1500 students and faculty attended this event.  Also a LEAD Leadership camp was conducted for 3-10 days at Hubballi, which had been participated by 140 LEADer’s. The last major program to close out this LEAD 10 year will be LLP, held in June and July. Over 702,038 lives have been directly or indirectly touched by the work of LEAD project which is the worth value of Rs. 22,46,950 in total.

The most awaited part of LEAD Valedictory is award ceremony where LEADers who have taken the best and impactful initiatives were awarded in the valedictory. The list of the students are:

LEADership is also about creating new LEADers. Once the LEAD team observes the capabilities of LEADer, they are promoted as Master LEADers and Ambassadors. Here are the list of the master leaders and ambassadors for the Hubli region of year 2019-20:



To be inspired is good but to be an inspiration is great. LEAD always floods its students with an inspiration by making them interact with real role models. The guests of honor shared their experiences and gave students the lessons to carry throughout the life. The panel session had all the seven guests of honor which was moderated by Mr. Abhinandan Kavale. The session started by interacting with Mr. Sangappa H. Mitalkod. He shared his point of view regarding the students who will be on mobile for maximum time, even while travelling or standing by roadsides, ignoring the world besides. He said that he was surprised to get his thought changed after attending the Valedictory, finding out impact and conversing with the LEADers. He said, “You people are enough to transform the whole world”. He narrated a short story and gave a moral to LEADers’ that “Everyone is born with a skill and Deshpande Foundation is helping the students to use their skill definitely” .

The next question was to Dr. Nitin Kulkarni, Director, CTIE KLE Technological University. He said “Nothing works on charity”. He asked LEADers to work on the projects which aim at making people self-sustaining and not depending. He said he also believe in the thoughts of Mr. Desh Deshpande of building entrepreneurial skills of oneself. Along with his thoughts he advised LEADers to work on their skills. The next panelist Mr. Jagadeesha L Belagali, General Manager-Tech, HESCOM said that “We are not looking for the engineering graduates, we are looking for the engineers”. He encouraged students to spread awareness about conservation of energy by using new technologies. He said “Make them aware that use of LED bulbs cut down the much power consumption and also use of capacitors in the motors will increase its power which in turn will save the energy. He suggested to the students to follow the health and happiness not the money. The next question was to Ms. Jyothi Maned,  Principal of K. L. E. Society’s Bachelor of Computer Application to which she answered that “You leaders here are the example of true leadership. Every student has a talent but they fear of from where to start. LEAD is the perfect platform for such students”. She explained about leadership by narrating a short story, with a message, “LEADership is not about LEADer doing everything for the team instead it is about guiding others and making them self-sustaining”. Mr. V. V. Patil, Principal of K. L. E. Society’s Shri mrityunjaya college of Arts, Commerce and BBA, Dharwad shared his opinion by telling that, “Face is the index of mind”. He explained his happiness of seeing this young generation participating in socio-economic transformation by saying that, “You are the real LEADers and not the politicians”.  The Dean, Student Welfare of KLE Technological University, Mr. Sanjay Kotabag explained the processs of designing themselves. He being the new person in LEAD was really taken away by the enthusiasm of the LEADers. He also promised to be the part of LEAD Program to encourage the upcoming students. The mentor of the LEAD team, Mr. Vivek Pawar, CEO Deshpande Foundation explained about the main cause of the Lead program which is to reach that 1.1 billion part of the base of the pyramid. The dignitaries were handed with the LEAD momento as the token of gratitude and love by Mr. Vivek Pawar.

The event was further carried out by conducting Women Panel session which was moderated by LEAD Ambassador Immanuel Pathare. On the occasion of International Women’s Day LEADers identified the inspiring stories and the event’s panelists were the inspiring super women of Hubballi. A strong women is one who can dare to raise her voice for the causes she believes in. Looking at this ladies it’s proved right.The first panelist was Mrs. Husen B, who has dedicated her life to the ladies who are not stable in the society. She fights for the rights of these

ladies. She say “No women chooses worst profession which will question her character but situations force her to that”. She asked everyone to respect all women irrespective of their profession. The next panelist was Mrs. Tara who runs a school for specially abled children. The name of the school is Mamata School where faculties are trained specifically to take care of the god gifted kids. The next lady is a student who has many achievements at the very young age. She asked everyone to think about what they have given back to the society instead of thinking about what society has given. Her valuable words to inspire the crowd were, “If you know your vision, then nothing can stop you.” The last but not the least, Ms. Keerti, specially challenge person was the center of attraction of the event. She was managing the Mitti cafe at Deshpande Foundation and now she has decided to start her own catering. She was asked a question that “In life when time comes to take a major decisions even a normal person is afraid but being specially challenged from where do you get that confidence to take risk??”To this she said “Everyone will have the fear but we should have the dare to overcome it”. By this answer she left the audience speechless.

As all the good things come to an end in life we hardly realize that we receive a great deal more than we give. The event came to an end and was a grand success in boosting the energy of the students. Every one returned with the promises for coming year and inspiration in the minds to do things in much better way.

Written By: Vaishnavi Patil




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