LEAD Valedictory 2019- Belagavi


Belagavi, the city with the tallest Indian Flag pole in India hosted the LEAD Valedictory 2019 on April 10th of 2019 at KLE Dr. M S Sheshgiri College of Engineering and Technology, Belagavi. This region has drawn the most innovative and active LEADers which would certainly make this one of the best Valedictory.

The Valedictory began with the project showcase to the dignitaries. The honorable guests visited the KLE College campus to witness and hear the LEADers’ initiatives. The best projects from Belagavi and around Belagavi were showcased. LEADers proudly spoke about their initiatives to the guests. The guests were no doubt impressed by the initiatives, but along with this, the fellow LEADers also were inspired by the projects.

The most inspiring people from Belagavi and around region were honoured to be the guests for the event. The Guests for the event were: Chief Guest: Mr. Sachin Sabnis (Managing Director Belagavi Ferrocast (India) Pvt. Ltd), President: Dr. Basavaraj Katageri (Principal, KLE Dr. M S Sheshgiti College of Engineering and Technology, Bela), gavi Guests of Honour: Mr. Vishwas Shinde (HR Head, Hindalco Industries Limited), Mrs. Gouree Manarekar (Women Entrepreneur, Co-Founder & MD Pankh Handcrafts Pvt. Ltd and Founder of Joy bank), Dr. Atul R. Deshpande (Director, KLS Institute of Management Education and Technology), Dr. S. K. Ambekar (Principal, KLS Vasantrao Potdar Polytechnic). The event was continued by the introduction of all guests. All the guests watered the plant and inaugurated the LEAD Valedictory 2019 at Belagavi.

“Share your story with the world because anyone can be inspired by them”. The next session was the sharing of LEAD stories. Miss Vaishnavi N Patil shared her journey of LEAD Prayana 2019 and the changes it brought in her life. Mr. Kiran Magdum is a social media intern from last one and half year. He shared his journey from being a social media intern to a budding entrepreneur. Mr. Ravi Hiremath from Jain College of Engineering shared his LEAD story.

It was a time to share the impact report of LEAD Belagavi where the budding entrepreneurs who are also LEADers or LEAD Alumni shared their experiences. Ms. Vaishnavi Hatrote from KLE College of Engineering and Technology spoke about the changes LEAD has brought in her life and how she could build her way of being an entrepreneur with the help of LEAD. Mr. Niranjan Kargi is an entrepreneur who has invented a water purify worth of only 30 rupees. He shared his story regarding the necessity of water purifiers and how he came up with his innovative idea to solve the problem.

While expressing his gratitude towards LEAD he said, “Sun is incomplete without solar system and I am incomplete without LEAD”. Mr. Santosh Patil has completed his Bachelors of Engineering from Jain College of Engineering, Belagavi and Masters from GIT, Belagavi. He shared the impact LEAD has put in his life to become the person he is today.

This was followed by the most exciting part of LEAD Valedictory that every LEADer was waiting for, the Award Ceremony.

Mr. Abhinadan Kavale, Senior Program Manager started the guest panel session with the dignitaries present for the LEAD Valedictory 2019. Mr. Sachin Sabnis spoke about the importance of commitment and passion to become successful in life. He said, “Money is not an issue when you are ready to work hard for your dreams”. Everyone should be ready to accept the change and be flexible with the idea, said Mr, Sabnis. Dr. S. K, Ambekar is a Principal at Vasantrao Potdar College, Belagavi who shared his thoughts about loop holes in today’s generation on which he said, “Today’s generation is not use less it is used less”. He said that India is a land of ideas which lacks behind only because of the less opportunities of exploration.

The next panellist, Mr, Vishwanath Shinde shared a story of transformation of vessel cleaner with zero qualification to a top entrepreneur. “There is no theory of LEADership and entrepreneurship but everyone and everything should be innovator with new ideas”, said Dr. Atul R. Deshpande. He also asked every LEADer and student to not to work only on the outcome basis of the initiative but also to concentrate on reaching to the lowest levels of pyramid. Mr. Sunilkumar Singh from Aequs said, “Today’s engineers have huge potential”. He explained the way of handling the success and the failure in life and suggested students to improve their skills, to be innovative. Mr. Sunil Kumar (Technology advisory director, DF) explained the idea of LEAD which is solving the problems instead of complaining. Mr. P. N. Naik said LEADers work is not only to guide others but to discover the LEADer in you. Mrs. Gouree Manjarekar shared her story being an entrepreneur from a engineering student. She asked everyone to follow their dreams instead of burying them because of the pressure.


On account of international women’s day, LEAD honours women of various sectors with certificates. During this, celebration they came across women who turned out to be a great source of inspiration. Ms. Nilima Jangam, KLE Dr. M S Sheshgiri College of Engineering and Technology shared the storied of inspiring women which were identified by LEADers on the account of  International Women’s Day.

Some of those women were appreciated on the by the guest of honours. Mrs. Nagaratna Ramaouda, founder of Ashraya Foundation which is a shelter for the HIV affected adolescent girls, Mrs. Asha Patravli, Knitting artist who knows more than 3000 designs, Mrs. Tejasa Kalghatagi is a Bike rider who have traveled more than 3000 kms, Mrs. Mayura Shivalkar who is a triathlon athlete who has won the title of “Iron Man in Colombo and Shri Lanka, Mrs. Niraja Chitti who is a snake catcher in the Belagavi district, Mrs. Gouree Manjarekar is a women entrepreneur from Chikkodi, Ms. Shital Kolhapure is an athlete who has won a gold medal in the Asian Pacific Games.

LEADers were promoted as Master LEADers and Ambassadors with new responsibilities. Students are transformed to LEADers as soon as they start taking the initiatives and when LEADers are ready to take up new responsibilities they get promoted as Master LEADers and Ambassadors.


Last but certainly not the least, Dr. Mahantesh B. Ramannavar is a Dehadani, World Record Holder who explained the importance of organ donation. LEAD volunteers were appreciated for conducting the event successfully. LEADer Sai entertained the crowd with his fantastic performance.

Written By: Nilima Jangam


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