LEAD Valedictory 2018- Vijayapura


Vijayapura, the city of victory saw the most unique LEAD Valedictory on the 9th of April, 2018. “So they can see the light, donate your sight”, this was the motto of this whole event. An Eye Donation camp was set up by the LEADers with the association of Anugraha Eye Foundation. Along with the LEAD registrations, many LEADers enrolled themselves to the eye donation.

26466862337_fcd7113071_zVijayapura is one of the centers of LEAD from where many LEADers come up every year with their projects. The event kicked off with the Project Showcase to the dignitaries. Various projects of diverse sectors grabbed the attention of not only the dignitaries but also the young LEADers. This set a benchmark to the upcoming LEADers thereby motivating them to come up with more innovative and impacting initiatives.






This was followed by escorting the dignitaries to the dais. The auditorium full of ideating minds made the gathering noteworthy. The hosts of the event, Mr. Raghavendra and Mr. Ritesh enthralled the audience before beginning the event by introducing the guests. Following are the guests who graced the event: Chief Guest Dr. Kusal K Das (Professor of Physiology, BLDE Shri B M Patil Medical College, Vijayapura), President: Mrs . Nabiya Nirdhe (Professor at KCP College), Guests of Honour: Dr. S J Goudar (Principal, BLDE Polytechnic College, Vijapur), Dr. Prabhu Gouda B L (Chairman Anughra Eye Foundation ), Dr. V B Grampurohit (Principal Smt Kumudben Darbar College of Commerce, Science) and Mr. Pradeep B Jain (Chairman, ARJ International- The Futuristic School, Vijayapur).

LEAD Valedictory events begin with the grace of god and the watering a sapling. LEADer Sudharani invoked God’s blessing with a soothing invocation song.


Experienced talks make broader impact than the inspirational videos that are available online. Following are the students who shared their experiences. Vishwanath Hiremath from Darbar College shared about his LEAD Journey, LEADer Sudharani and Akshata from KCP science college shared about their Prayana and LEAD journey. And Soumya rani shared her experiences of LEAD leadership program.

Guest Moderation:

This section was presided by Program associate of LEAD, Mr. Abhinandan Kavale. The session began with interacting with Dr. Kusal K Das who spoke about difference in students of India and other foreign countries. He advised to stay focused and not get deviated from main goals. The next was Dr. V. B. Grampurohit enlightened the crowd of how LEAD is enhancing their skills and helping them  to engage and contribute to the society.  Followed by this was interaction with Mr. Pradeep. B. Jain. He spoke about the difficulties students faced in studying in different cities and also the reason behind the the name of his institution being ‘FUTURISTIC’.  Prof. Ashoka Suryanarayana who shared why LEAD has been his interest and what makes him support the cause. He said LEAD is an opportunity to explore themselves in different areas. Dr. S. J. Goudar was amongst the pioneers who coined LEAD in vijayapura to help his students grow. Mrs. Nibhaya Nirdhe proudly spoke about the initiatives of her college and appreciated them.  Dr. Prabhu Gouda B L  enhanced the importance of eye donation and also shared his experiences working the organizations.


Cultural event:

Volunteers of Vijayapur organized a cultural program to entertain the crowd. The crowd enjoyed the performance and cheered them.

Award Ceremony:

The core section of the event is the award ceremony where various LEADers are appreciated for their initiatives. Students are also promoted to impart a sense of responsibility. 21 master LEADers and one ambassador was honored. Following is the list of awards in Vijayapura valedictory.

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Its always beautiful to see humongous energy being harnessed in the form of various initiatives that our LEADers take and appreciation of these initiatives which motivate them to do better. With this note the valedictory came to an end.

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