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On the 7th of A40593633054_500bf48ba5_mpril, 2018, the aroma of the famous Benne Dosa was not the only thing that woke up the LEADers in Davangere but a participation rich LEAD Valedictory event at the A. V. Kamalamma College for Women certainly illuminated the city. An uproar in the rrauditorium kick-started the event.The event began with LEADer Latha L K, the host welcoming the guests. The Chief Guest: Shri. B C Shivakumar, President: Prof. P S Shivaprakash and the guests of honour, Prof. Veeresh K S, Prof. B S Nagaratnamma and Prof. S H Pyati. With this, a video showcasing the glimpses of all the activities that the LEADers involved themselves in the past year enthralled the audience in the hall. Just like how you must have God’s blessings before you start anything, LEADer Bhoomika sang the invocation song that upraised the event. The Guests for the noon inaugurated the event by watering a sapling.


This was followed an inspiring39498417450_49d9491379_z LEAD talks given by Kavya Aaradhyamath, Chethan B M and Deepika. LEADer Lakshmi shared her experience of LEAD prayana. LEADers Rohan and Srihari then shared their experiences of LEAD leadership camp.

The thing that grabbed everyone’s ears was the impact report given by Mr. Krishnaji More, Program Associate, LEAD. A total of 2072 projects were completed which has touched more than 11,400 lives. In this term year, 1420 young LEADers have been registered from 37 colleges and have created a worth value of Rs. 4,50,000. This region has seen 16 LEADers participating in the LEAD Prayana.




The inspiring parts of LEAD valedictory are the talks given by the guests. The Chief Guest Shri. B C Shivkumar, an entrepreneur and partner at BS Channabasappa and Sons, and the chairman of BSC First Grade College, Davangere was called upon the dais for his talk. “In order to be a LEADer, first be a follower”, quoted Mr. B C Shivkumar. He explained the qualities that make a LEADer and how positivism can be spread all around us and also into the world. He states, “Positivism is projected only when negativity is absent in you”. Opportunity is one of the main thing in life and we must not miss it. This is what he emphasized upon by saying, “In order to gain success, showcase your talents when opportunity knocks”.



41307094761_518f6c7983_k“LEADers are not born but made”, began Prof. P S Shivaprakash, the principal of A V kamalamma College for Women, when he took over the dais. He explained how everyone are special and can do anything possible when efforts are put. He perfectly stated, “Everyone normally say that they have certain weaknesses, but they fail to see that the creation of their own self begins at home. Everything that we need to learn is around us”. He specifically gave us 11 things to follow that will help us succeed in life.
1. Develop a strong common sense.
2. ‎Talk less and work more.
3. ‎Believe in yourself. As quoted by Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam
4. ‎Satisfaction is just a temporary phenomenon.
5. ‎Do smart work.
6. ‎Quality is one point program.
7. ‎Grab the opportunity whenever it knocks at your door.
8. Always respect your elders.
9. Never hurt the emotions of anyone.
10. Always wear a smile on the face
11. Be socially concerned.


One of the most unique thin26434993467_b9a0ebb297_k (1)g for the day was said by Dr. S H Pyati, the principal of Grade 1 Giriyamma First Grade College For Women, Harihar. He particularly pointed how we played a background music whenever someone is being recognized on the stage. We use this background music to replace the sound of claps and that is an actual disgrace to the humans. He advised us to not play any background music and appreciate the natural sound of everyone clapping. This was a great learning to everyone present in the auditorium.





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We then had Prof. Veeresh K S, the principal of Bapuji Polytechnic College, share his views with all the LEADers. He made us understand that if we build a character to just show off, it’s not a good character. “Having too many followers doesn’t make you a LEADer, your attitude does”, stated Prof. Veeresh K S.





This was followed by the best part of every LEAD Valedictory, the Award Ceremony. 26 students were promoted as master leaders and one student was honored to be the LEAD ambassador for the upcoming year.

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The event had a veryIMG_9394 special section which was surpassed by Mr. Krishnaji. Two families were recognized for the responsibilities they have taken. The women of these families have brought up their children with the support of a male member. This has also been done despite many personal health and financial problems they face in every day life. LEAD made sure that these struggles are recognized and supported. These are Girijabai and Bhagyamma. These women were called upon the stage and honored with awards.





The event signed off with a graceful classical performance by LEADer Prakshayini and the vote of thanks. The event was definitely a promising one that would boost the confidence of young LEADers into making this world a better place.





Written by: Amruth R S

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