LEAD Valedictory 2018 – Belagavi


Belagavi, the city with the tallest Indian Flag pole in India hosted the LEAD Valedictory 2018 on April 10th of 2018 at KLS IMER College. This region has drawn the most innovative and active LEADers which would certainly make this one of the best Valedictory.

The Valedictory began with the project showcase to the dignitaries. The honourable guests visited the IMER lobby to witness and hear the LEADer’s Initiatives. 40 best projects were showcased. LEADers proudly spoke about their initiatives to the guests. The guests were no doubt impressed by the initiatives, but along with this, the fellow LEADers also were inspired by the projects.


The most inspiring people from Belagavi and around region were honoured to be the guests for the event. The Guests for the event were: Chief Guest: Smt Sittavva Jodatti (Padmashree Awardee 2018, Executive Officer MASS NGO), President: Mr. Raj Belagumkar (Member board of management Karnatak Law Society, Belagavi), Guests of Honour: Mr. Prakash R Kadakol (Principal KLE CBALC, Belagavi), Nagaratna S Ramagouda (Founder of Ashraya Foundation, Belagavi), Dr. H J Shekharappa (Dir. Shaikh College of Engineering and Technology, Belagavi, Former Vice-Chancellor Registrar Evaluation and Finance Officer, VTU, Belagavi), Dr. K G Vishwanath (Principal and Director Jain College of Engineering, Belagavi), Mr. Anand Patil (Principal DMS CCA Belagavi).


The hosts for the event, LEADer Priyanka and LEADer Snehal Dixit began the event by invoking god’s blessings through an invocation song. LEADer Supria Lokur sang with a very soothing voice. This was followed by the inauguration of the event done through the LEAD way, by watering a sapling. A video showcasing all the innovative ideas which have turned into projects, efforts and struggles of the LEADers and also the achievements was played which enthralled the crowd and also excited the Dignitaries.

“Share your story with the world because anyone can be inspired by them”. The next session was the sharing of LEAD stories. LEADer Asharani Mopgar, who has completed more than 50 projects, was called upon to share her experience. LEADer Nikita Naidu was called to share her LEAD Prayana experience. LEADer Arpan S was called to share his story of LEAD journey. LEADer Anusha shared her experience of LEAD Prayana and LEADer Nilima Jangam shared her experience of LEAD Leadership Camp.

This was followed by the Impact Report of the activities undertaken in the year 2017 at Belagavi and other regions around. This was given by Ms. Akshata Badigar. The Belagavi region is proud to have the highest registrations in the entire LEAD program, 1944 LEADers from 45 colleges. 1267 inspiring leadership projects have been implemented in the communities of the Belagavi, Chikkodi, and Gokak. The worth value created is 28, 46,950 and touched 9, 02,038 lives. 46 students participated from Belagavi region in LEAD Prayana in this year. The region has also held 18 Leaderships camps and workshops and more than 1000+ students were trained this year. From Belagavi location, 3 students received the award in international conference Yuva summit 2018.

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Mr. Abhinandan Kavale presided the interactive session with the Dignitaries. The Chief Guest of the event, Smt Sittavva Jodatti spoke of her inspiring life. She explained how an uneducated devadasi is treated in the society and despite that, she struggled and worked to eradicate the very cruel tradition that she had been through. “Good work takes time but it takes a fraction of time to ruin it. Have an aim and be guided by a teacher who sculptured the stones to beautiful sculptures”.

The Guest of Honour Nagaratna S Ramagouda took over the dais to inspire the young minds. She took everyone through her life journey showing the struggles one faces. She is a HIV affected woman who is set out to change the mind of society and provide care and facilities to the other HIV affected adolescent girls. She made every LEADer understand the importance of parents and how we must always respect them. “Disease cannot kill you but your will power can do”.

On account of international women’s day, LEAD honours women of various sectors with certificates. During this, celebration they came across women who turned out to be a great source of inspiration. Smt Sittavva Jodatti and Nagaratna S Ramagouda were honoured for their contributions to the society.

The next guest talk was by Dr. H J Shekharappa, an active mentor of students. He has been involved in successfully maintaining the functioning of VTU exams and the evaluation. He has always aimed to work at places where there is a need of improvement. He is the one who insisted on having LEAD in Shaikh College.

The next talk was by Mr. Prakash R Kadakol, Mr. Raj Belagumkar, Mr. Anand Patil and Dr. K G Vishwanath. They gave their own views on life and showed how one must lead the path to others. They even appreciated LEAD for making students responsible.

This was followed by the most exciting part of LEAD Valedictory that every LEADer was waiting for, the Award Ceremony. The awards for Belagavi Valedictory 2018 are as follows



The LEAD Valedictory signed off as a powerful session with the most impactful women inspiring the entire audience.

Written By: Amruth R S


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