LEAD Valedictory 2016 – Varanasi

On 18th April, Ek Soch Sandbox at MCIIE (IIT BHU) hosted the LEAD Varanasi Valedictory of 2016.

The event was organized to appreciate and award the college youth for their leadership initiatives that they took to solve the problems of the local community.

College youth and faculties based at Varanasi and surrounding participated to witness the exhibition of top 25 leadership projects and awards to the best leaders.

The guests of honour of the event were Wing Commander Mr. Nasib Bamal (Commanding Officer, 7UP Air Sqn BHU, VNS), Dr. P.K. Mishra (HoD, Chemical Engg. Dept. & Coordinator TBI, IIT BHU), Dr. P.K. Sharma (Program Coordinator, NSS BHU), and Mr. Ajay Suman Shukla (Functional Head, LEAD, Deshpande Foundation).

Out of 108 leaders who successfully executed their ideas into action as leadership projects, 7 leaders were appreciated for the remarkable leadership work that they have done to bring a positive change in the society.
Shabnam and Amrita receiving Best Leader Award
Arya Roshan receiving Master Leader designation


Awarded leaders include; 
  • Leaders Rishu Kumar and team (BHU) – Best Team Award for executing 10 leadership projects in the team of 12 members
  • Leader Priyanka Srivastav (Rajkiya Mahila Mahavidyalay, DLW) – Most Female Empowerment Initiatives Award. She executed 9 leadership projects along with her friend Susheela to solve the problems of DLW surrounding community. Read more about one of Priyanka’s projects here
  • Master Leader Uttam Dixit (BHU) – Best Leader Award for bringing tech solutions in promoting the education and ensuring 500 meters of road construction by motivating and ensuring the use of allotted fund to the village panchayat at Susuwahi. Read more one of Uttam’s projects here.
  • Leader Dharmendra Patel (BHU) – Best LEADer and Best Project Awards for executing four leadership projects (helped 150 people to get the Aadhar Card, helped 250+ villagers to get the ration card without any extra fee, helping 118 village women and youth to open their bank accounts in UBI). Read more about the projects here.
  • Leader Anand Krishna (DAV College) – Most Daring Leadership Project Award for initiating and executing the project in four district jails to teach the kids below 6 years who live along with their mothers within the jail premises, executed same project for bricks Klein (Bhatta) workers’ kids. Read more about the project here
  • Leaders Shabnam and Amrita (ABRPG College, Anpara, Sonbhadra) – Best Leader Award for raising the funds and cloths from the localities and helping the 100+ people living on the roads and in slum in winter season.
Four leaders were promoted to Master Leader to further enhance their leadership skills and spread to word about LEAD on their college campuses. The new Master LEADers for 2016/2017 are Uttam Dixit (FoSc. BHU), Dharmendra Patel (FoA, BHU), Arya Roshan (SHEPA College), and Priyanka Dey (VKM, BHU).

Ms. SurShakti receiving recognition

As the theme of the event was “Recognizing the Unrecognized”, LEAD also recognized a woman in the community whose valuable work goes unseen. Special guest SurShakti cooks the midday meal and cleans the campus at a local primary school, all while raising her family on her own. This act is a continuation of the successful International Women’s Day project taken on by LEADers across the country. 

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